New Nirvana Sound offices

Nirvana Sound moves into new offices

January 2020

Nirvana Sound has moved into brand new office & warehouse premises just a couple doors down from their initial offices.
The new address is 2, 11 Friars Road, Moorabbin Vic 3189 AUSTRALIA and is co-shared with the Döhmann Audio manufacturing facility.
This move gives Nirvana Sound modern and spacious resources for its operations while the showrooms are going to be located in Bentleigh, a five minute drive from these offices.

Upwards and onwards!

Anthony Camplone

Nirvana Sound welcomes Anthony Camplone to the team

January 2020

We would like to give Anthony Camplone a big welcome to the Nirvana Sound team as our inaugural General Manager. Anthony brings with him experience in customer service, a broad range of knowledge in all things audio and a passion for helping clients achieve great satisfaction with their audio system experiences. In fact, if you read our ‘about’ page, Anthony sincerely embodies those qualities and values. Most importantly, Anthony is crazy about music, having worked for a major record label in a past life and he loves nothing more than to talk about great music – look out for his recommendations in our ‘music’ section. We can’t wait for you to meet him.

Kirmuss Audio Record Cleaning & Restoration

Nirvana Sound receives a Diamond Dealer Award 2019 from Kirmuss Audio

January 2020

In the words of Kirmuss Audio:
The winners of our Diamond Dealer Award and our recognition bestowed is presented to those Dealers or Distributors that showcase their commitment to record restoration offering their clients the “total analog experience” and where we recognize their excellence in their sales and marketing of our Award Winning and Globally Acclaimed, Kirmuss Audio Ultimate Ultrasonic Record Restoration System. This is a top tier status that is reserved for Dealers that have done the most to showcase the Kirmuss Audio System. Some were very innovative in their marketing. As a result, they also are recognized as an indirect custodian of those prized vinyl’s cherished by their clients and in spreading the word: “Keep those Records Spinning”.

Nirvana Sound wishes to thank Kirmuss Audio for this award and feels that the Kirmuss Audio Ultimate Ultrasonic Record Restoration System is an accomplished, great value product that needs to find its way into the life of everyone that regularly spins vinyl.

Dohmann Helix II Mk2 Soundstage 2019 Product of the Year

Döhmann Audio Helix Two is awarded the Soundstage! Australia Product of the Year 2019 Award

January 2020

The Döhmann Audio Helix Two Mk2 has been selected as the winner of the SoundStage! Australia Products of the Year 2019 Award in the Innovation in Design category. This is an annual award given by the SoundStage! Network which places importance on a product that offers a point of difference in terms of unique features, advanced engineering or innovative design.
The Döhmann Helix Two turntable was launched May 2017 at the Munich High-End show. The Helix Two incorporated significant features of the Helix One in a smaller, self-contained footprint with the facility for a single arm using interchangeable arm boards. Since its launch, the Helix Two has been reviewed as one of the best sounding turntables available by many audiophile publications.
In October 2019, Döhmann Audio released an updated version of the Helix 2, called the Mk2 version. It incorporates a new custom-made Swiss motor, new internal electronics, an outboard power supply, speed adjust functionality and some new improved high frequency absorption technology. The upgrades take what is already a premium performance turntable and make it even better with an even lower noise floor, improved dynamics, resolution and timing.

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