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Welcome to Nirvana Sound, a place for people who love the wonderful art of music.

Some of us are fortunate to live in a world of convenience where we can have access to our favourite music at the touch of a button or simply by asking Siri, Alexa or the like. For most of us, listening to music from our phone, tablet or in our car is all we need.

However, some of us yearn for a deeper connection with the artist’s message. We desire to experience the music in a more realistic, engaging way. Some of us wish to come home, relax and be able to re-create a musical performance as if it is happening live in front of us. We want our hair to stand up on end, we want to feel the joy of the performance in our heart and share it with others.

If you are one of those people, Nirvana Sound exists to serve you. Located in Melbourne, Australia and serving the South East Asian region, we are dedicated to representing the finest audio equipment to discerning music lovers. So if you consider yourself an audiophile, a purist, someone who is looking to occasionally step out of the world of convenience gadgets and enhance your emotional experience with music, or simply someone who’s curious to see what’s possible in the world of audio reproduction, we’d love to meet you!

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

Koetsu Urushi Sky Blue



Named in honor of the Japanese artist Honami Koetsu, the company was started by Yoshiaki Sugano. For more than 30 years, Koetsu has masterfully blended high purity materials such as 6N copper and rare platinum iron magnets with bodies of natural beauty to create the most sought after moving coil cartridges in the world. Sugano-San’s legacy is carried on by his son Fumihiko who apprenticed under his father to become a master cartridge maker. Every Koetsu cartridge is hand crafted in Japan and inherently limited in nature.

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Cessaro Omega 1

Cessaro Horn Acoustics


Cessaro Horn Acoustics create bespoke horn speaker masterpieces. With exclusive technologies and exceptional workmanship, Cessaro evolve the horn speaker concept to an incredible new level. Aside from their significant design and engineering achievements, these creations simply sound extraordinary. From idealists for idealists.

Döhmann Audio Turntable



Döhmann Audio leads a no-holds-barred assault on what is possible in contemporary audio turntable design. Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, Mark Döhmann’s creations are heirloom quality industrial works of art that aim to give listeners the ultimate enjoyment of their record collection.

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Peak Speaker

Peak Consult


Peak Consult was founded in 1996 by renowned loudspeaker designer Per Kristoffersen. Stunning to behold, every pair is hand-built to a rare standard of build quality in Denmark, but the true beauty of these loudspeakers lies in their ability to give you a ‘you are there’ feeling.

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Accustic Arts

Accustic Arts

Digital, Amplifiers

ACCUSTIC ARTS® have been creating some of the most desirable audio systems in the world since 1997. Designed to sound natural so that the emotion of the music can be experienced by the listener, their products are manufactured in Germany using the highest grade components and precision manufacturing technologies.

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Airtight Amp

Air Tight

Amplifiers, Cartridges, Analog

Legendary audio designer Atsushi Miura has been designing some of the most exquisite pieces of audio equipment for more than 60 years (30 with Luxman and 30 with Air Tight). A recipient of the Absolute Sound’s High-End Audio Hall of Fame award, Mr. Miura continues to contribute to the high quality reproduction of music with the same passion as when he began his career. Continuing to evolve and pursue the ideal of absolute sonic enjoyment, Air Tight are one of the world’s most revered brands.

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My Sonic Signature Platinum Cartridge

My Sonic


After designing phono cartridges for respected brands such as Koetsu, Air Tight, Miyabi, Luxman, Supex and Audio Craft, master cartridge maker Mr. Yoshio Matsudaira founded My Sonic Lab in 2004 with the goal of designing the ultimate range of cartridges. His unique SH-μX high flux / high permeability core material is one of the few genuine breakthroughs in cartridge design in the last fifty years. Only with the development of SH-μX was it possible to achieve an unseen level of performance with the lowest internal impedance and the highest output.

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Stenheim Statement

Stenheim - Swiss made audio excellence


Hear the music vibrate and shine as it reveals the musician’s sensitivity and emotion along with the beauty of the composition. At last, listening is infused with a concert atmosphere, the audience’s energy and enthusiasm. Forget technology – simply experience music. Made in Switzerland, Stenheim speakers combine unparalleled expertise and years of research to bring you exceptional sound. Built to last with impeccable attention to the finest details, Stenheim speakers simply sonically disappear, highlighting the beauty of the music and nothing else.

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Audience Cables



Audience cables are critically acclaimed for their true fidelity to the signal without artificial embellishments or unwarranted voicing. Ignoring marketing trends and investing in research, Audience was the first cable brand to develop ultra-thin low mass/low eddy current resistant interconnect, speaker and power cables which have since been considered among the world’s best.

Perpetuum Ebner - PE4040 Turntable

Perpetuum Ebner


The town of St.Georgen, in the Black Forest region of Germany is said to be the home of thinkers and inventors. It is also the home of WE Audio Systems , creators of turntables that blend timeless design with sophisticated technology honed over a century. Yes, you read correctly… a century! Although a young company, WE Audio Systems produces the brand Perpetuum Ebner (PE) which was founded in 1911 and is one of the oldest existing audio brands in the world. Proudly employing craftsmen who have spent a lifetime working for PE & another famous German brand ‘Dual’, PE turntables are steeped in heritage. Listen to what experienced hands can create.

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Fischer & Fischer slate speakers

Fischer & Fischer


Building loudspeakers with natural slate cabinets provides many advantages due to its extraordinary acoustic properties. Slate cabinets do not vibrate and absorb energy, thus making available maximum energy for the speaker to incite the surrounding air. The audible outcome is startling – greater dynamics, clarity and a fidelity richer in nuances and detail. Visually, these loudspeakers have a presence and elegance that exudes craftsmanship and technical perfection. We invite you to listen to the difference and enjoy the natural sound radiating from these beautiful pieces of sculpture.

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Taiko Audio Server

Taiko Audio

Music Servers

Based in the Netherlands, Taiko Audio was founded by Emile Bok, who has developed a global reputation as one of the most innovative designers in the digital audiophile space. His award winning music servers use a blend of traditional and cutting-edge technology, specifically designed components and advanced materials science. The level of detail within the design and the build quality is simply stunning and every piece is tested by ear to ensure that it will bring enjoyment to those clients for whom top sound quality is paramount. The result is a representation of sound that is so realistic, it feels like listening to a live performance. The Taiko Audio SGM Extreme is simply the best Music Server we have ever heard. The “bee’s knees”.

Larsen L9



Inspired by the ideas and research of great Swedish loudspeaker designer Stig Carlsson, John Larsen and Anders Eriksson launched Larsen Speakers in 2007 and today, Larsen is considered the global reference for ortho-acoustic loudspeaker design. These speakers are compact and actually designed to be placed against a wall so they do not intrude into the listening space. This placement, combined with the unique positioning and angle of the drivers, flanked by absorption material, creates a rich and deep three-dimensional soundstage with a wide listening area. The listening experience is extremely natural and simply has to be experienced.

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Norma Audio Electronics

Digital, Amplifiers

Norma is based in Cremona, Italy… a place where music has always played an important role, being the home of Monteverdi, Ponchielli, Stradivari, Amati and many other artists. Inspired by this rich musical history, designer Enrico Rossi has been creating sophisticated audio amplifiers for more than 20 years, merging technical skill and musical sensitivity in the same way in which the best musical instruments are made. Listening to a NORMA product can convey this experience better than words. Digital sources and solid state amplifiers that deliver extraordinary musicality and a total lack of listening fatigue.

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Alsyvox full range ribbon loudspeakers

Alsyvox Audio Design


What would be the sonic characteristics of the ultimate loudspeaker? Perhaps the transparency and imaging of the best planar speakers, combined with the dynamics and low distortion of the best big horns, the tonal balance of the best monitors and with the authoritative bass of a big cone woofer. It would have the efficiency you need to use almost any amplifier and it would possess a coherent sound like a single wide-range transducer. Impossible you say? Meet the Alsyvox range of full range ribbon loudspeakers! Designer Daniele Coen’s creations have been astonishing audiences around the world since their release and have quickly gained a reputation as true destination products. Breathtaking to behold sonically and visually, they have to be experienced to be believed.

Stage 3 Concepts Cables

Stage 3 Concepts


Since 1996, Stage III Concepts have been an innovator in audio cable design, being the first company to offer ‘floating’ silver ribbon and air dielectric technology. Hand-made in the USA using materials of the highest quality and intricate construction techniques, their attention to detail, build quality and sonic performance are in a rarified league. Not satisfied with commercially available components, they even make their own connectors and provide a limited lifetime warranty on every one of their products. Superb!

Schroder Tonearm



Frank Schroeder is among a select few who make the finest audiophile tonearms in the world today. Each one is meticulously machined and assembled by hand …built with rare precision and craftsmanship. If a high degree of fidelity and utmost naturalness is high on one’s sonic priorities, a Schröder tonearm is the new standard of reference. Minimalist, sonically invisible…..simply beautiful.

Soul to Sole Stand

Soul to Sole

Stands, Furniture

The designers of high performance audio equipment often go to great lengths to deal with the harmful effects of resonance (vibration). Professionally designed stands and racks make an important contribution to achieving a great sound by isolating the component from ground source resonances. However, a lot of audio racks are not very attractive and we often find exquisitely crafted components sitting on bland, boring stands. Not any more! Meet Soul to Sole Audio, a New Zealand company that has been crafting beautiful hi-fi furniture for over 24 years. Famous for their bamboo shelves and bespoke stainless steel fitments, Soul to sole racks not only perform sonically, they add a visual elegance, allure and style to your space.

Kirmuss KA RC1 Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine

Kirmuss Audio

Record Cleaning & Restoration System

The affordable Record Cleaning and Restoration System developed by Charles Kirmuss will increase your listening pleasure by removing most of those annoying unwanted pops and crackling sounds from both new and old records. This ultrasonic cleaning system safely cleans records of all sizes by removing dust particles and contaminants from your record surface and up to four records can be processed at the same time.

Minus K Vibration Isolation

Minus K Technology


Low frequency vibrations degrade the performance of audio equipment and are usually prevalent in listening environments. One way of optimising the performance of your sound system is to isolate critical components from these vibrations. Minus K’s Passive Mechanical Vibration Isolators outperform air and active systems without the need for air or electricity.