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Welcome to Nirvana Sound, a place for people who love the wonderful art of music and appreciate the equipment which presents it with realism and emotional engagement. Do you yearn for a deeper connection with the artist’s message or desire to experience music in a more realistic, engaging way? Some of us wish to be able to re-create a musical performance as if it is happening live in front of us. We want our hair to stand up on end, we want to feel the joy of the performance in our heart and share it with others. If you are one of those people, Nirvana Sound exists to serve you.

Located in Melbourne, Australia and serving the South East Asian region, we are dedicated to representing the finest audio equipment to discerning music lovers. So if you consider yourself an audiophile, a purist, someone who is looking to occasionally step out of the world of convenience gadgets and enhance your emotional experience with music, or simply someone who’s curious to see what’s possible in the world of audio reproduction, we’d love to meet you!

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Koetsu Urushi Sky Blue



Named in honor of the Japanese artist Honami Koetsu, the company was started by Yoshiaki Sugano. For more than 30 years, Koetsu has masterfully blended high purity materials such as 6N copper and rare platinum iron magnets with bodies of natural beauty to create the most sought after moving coil cartridges in the world. Sugano-San’s legacy is carried on by his son Fumihiko who apprenticed under his father to become a master cartridge maker. Every Koetsu cartridge is hand crafted in Japan and inherently limited in nature.

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Wilson Benesch Eminence Speakers

Wilson Benesch - the future is carbon

Speakers, Analogue, Furniture

Founded in 1989 and located in Sheffield, England, Wilson Benesch is a globally recognised brand that is synonymous with excellence, designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most desirable high-end audio products. From their original A.C.T. One speaker through to the Taurus Infrasonic Generator, Wilson Benesch have built a reputation for innovation and expertise with carbon fibre technologies, Tactic drive units and building speaker systems that simply sound like no other. Adding to their long list of awards, their flagship Eminence speaker has been awarded The 2019 Absolute Sound’s Product of the Year Award and the 2019 TAS Golden Ear Award. Simply sensational!

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Ypsilon PST100MkII


Digital, Amplifiers

There’s a good reason why Ypsilon Electronics have developed such a universal respect and exalted reputation around the world. In their quest to push the limits of music reproduction, Ypsilon ignored convention and implemented high quality transformers as coupling devices in the amplification stages of their designs. After almost a lifetime of studying & learning the rare art of traditional transformer winding, Ypsilon now wind their own transformers in-house specifically tailored to meet the needs of each design. Often wound from rare metals, their transformers have become legendary and along with the single-ended Class A topology, are at the heart of the fabled ‘Ypsilon Sound’. As a result, Ypsilon equipment often appears in some of the world’s most well known reference systems, often wins ‘best sound at show’ awards and has earned a reputation to be among the very best amplification available.

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darTZeel CTH-8550


Amplifiers, Digital

In order to best make sense of the extraordinary experience of listening to a darTZeel amplifier, one has to understand the mind and motivations of its creator Hervé Delétraz. “Listen first, measure afterwards. Theories of physics will never explain how the beauty of music can have such a profound effect on us. When it comes to music, only humans should be the judge.” darTZeel is the result of exceptional engineering wisdom, Swiss craftmanship that would put watchmakers to shame and the unwavering passion of a once-in-a-generation designer. Transcendent sound quality that reveals the emotion, heart and soul in music, breathing life into a live performance. Often found in the reference systems of experienced audiophiles and reviewers around the world (eg. Michael Fremer), darTZeel occupy a rarefied position at the pinnacle of what is possible in high-end audio amplification.

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Airtight Amp

Air Tight

Amplifiers, Cartridges, Analog

Legendary audio designer Atsushi Miura has been designing some of the most exquisite pieces of audio equipment for more than 60 years (30 with Luxman and 30 with Air Tight). A recipient of the Absolute Sound’s High-End Audio Hall of Fame award, Mr. Miura continues to contribute to the high quality reproduction of music with the same passion as when he began his career. Continuing to evolve and pursue the ideal of absolute sonic enjoyment, Air Tight are one of the world’s most revered brands.

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Döhmann Audio Turntable



From their workshop in Melbourne, Australia, Döhmann Audio leads a no-holds-barred assault on what is possible in contemporary audio turntable design. Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, Mark Döhmann’s creations are heirloom quality industrial works of art that aim to give listeners the ultimate enjoyment of their record collection. With an ever increasing collection of international awards, reviews and best sound at show accolades, Döhmann Audio have earned a well-deserved reputation as the Formula One of analogue design.

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Cessaro Omega 1

Cessaro Horn Acoustics


Cessaro Horn Acoustics create bespoke horn speaker masterpieces. With exclusive technologies and exceptional workmanship, Cessaro evolve the horn speaker concept to an incredible new level. Aside from their significant design and engineering achievements, these creations simply sound extraordinary. From idealists for idealists.

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EMM Labs / Meitner

Streamers, Digital, Amplifiers

When Sony needed to develop the SACD format, they turned to one of the world’s leading experts in digital converter design – Ed Meitner and his company EMM Labs. At the forefront of digital audio design, EMM Labs developed many ‘world firsts’ including the first complete multichannel DSD playback system. Today, EMM Labs is synonymous with superlative high-res audio recording and playback products. Their partner company Meitner Audio incorporates that cutting-edge technology into a range of innovative, accessible & exciting products. Peerless!

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Stenheim Reference Ultime Two



Since 2010, audiophiles around the world started talking about this new brand of loudspeakers from Switzerland that were replacing established brands in reference systems. Stenheim speakers quickly developed a reputation for excellence and a hype that was not driven by the press but rather by audiophiles who were hearing them and then telling others about this ‘special sound’. Their refreshing approach has resulted in truly heirloom quality loudspeakers that have become the ‘new establishment’.

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Aesthetix IO Eclipse


Digital, Amplifiers

“Audio design is part science, part art. No great audio product has one without the other.” This quote is from Jim White, engineer, music lover and the creative force behind Aesthetix, an awe-inspiring brand of high-end audio electronics that has been bringing musical enjoyment to the audiophile community since 1993. Often described as ‘extremely musical’ Aesthetix components have become industry benchmarks at virtually every level, along the way garnering Golden Ear, Editor’s Choice and a myriad of global accolades and awards. To this day, every single unit is still meticulously hand assembled by Jim and his team in Moorpark, California. Be prepared to fall in love.

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Zellaton logo


We consider ZELLATON® to be the Patek Philippe of high-end speakers. Unprecedented attention to detail and an obsession with quality characterises these handmade German speakers that have been the benchmark for lifelike music reproduction for more than 85 years. Their speakers, including the unique multi-component hard foam diaphragms, require an elaborate manufacturing process that takes rare expertise & months to complete. Rare works of art that redefine the concept of ‘natural sound’. Heirloom build quality, archetype shattering sonics… the perfectionist’s choice.

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Reed White DSC 9267

Reed logo

Turntables, Tonearms

What do you get when a radio engineer who has three patented inventions in the field of acoustic behaviour of plasma in ballistic missiles turns his attention to analog audio design? You get some of the most exquisite tonearms and turntables the world has ever seen. Designer Vidmantas Triukas has been working in the high-end audio industry since 1985, pushing the boundaries of tonearm & turntable design using research and solid scientific principles. His passion for the arts has also infused his designs with an innate beauty both aesthetically and sonically. Loved by analog & music connoisseurs, Reed products are a portal to musical bliss.

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Fischer & Fischer slate speakers

Fischer & Fischer


Building loudspeakers with natural slate cabinets provides many advantages due to its extraordinary acoustic properties. Slate cabinets do not vibrate and absorb energy, thus making available maximum energy for the speaker to incite the surrounding air. The audible outcome is startling – greater dynamics, clarity and a fidelity richer in nuances and detail. Visually, these loudspeakers have a presence and elegance that exudes craftsmanship and technical perfection. We invite you to listen to the difference and enjoy the natural sound radiating from these beautiful pieces of sculpture.

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Abyss AB-1266 Headphones



High-end headphones can give you a fully immersive musical experience without the room reflections, distortions and background noise often associated with a traditional hi-fi system. Music can be enjoyed without disturbing the neighbours or those around you and without having to sit in a special ‘listening position’. Rather than dedicate a large section of a room to a hi-fi system, some people build high quality systems on their desk so they can enjoy music while working or reclining on a comfortable chair. This has given rise to the term ‘desktop audio’ and in recent years, more high-end manufacturers have developed amazing headphone & desktop audio systems. This is why we developed Headphone Nirvana, a website dedicated to representing the absolute finest headphone equipment available.

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Schröder Tonearm



Frank Schroeder is among a select few who make the finest audiophile tonearms in the world today. Each one is meticulously machined and assembled by hand …built with rare precision and craftsmanship. If a high degree of fidelity and utmost naturalness is high on one’s sonic priorities, a Schröder tonearm is the new standard of reference. Minimalist, sonically invisible… simply beautiful.

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Audience Cables



Audience cables are critically acclaimed for their true fidelity to the signal without artificial embellishments or unwarranted voicing. Ignoring marketing trends and investing in research, Audience was the first cable brand to develop ultra-thin low mass/low eddy current resistant interconnect, speaker and power cables which have since been considered among the world’s best.

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Sutherland Engineering Phono Loco

Sutherland Engineering

Phono Preamplifiers

Ron Sutherland started his career in audio as one of the founders of Martin-Logan Ltd, a globally successful manufacturer of electrostatic hybrid speakers. Later in his career, Ron and his brother John founded Sutherland Engineering, a name synonymous with some of the best sounding phono preamplifiers available. Offering both traditional & innovative transimpedance topologies, Sutherland Engineering amplifiers have a sound that reflects their sophisticated architecture… elegant, revealing, cohesive, beautiful.

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Schnerzinger Speakercable With Cable Protector


Cables, Signal Protection

High-frequency transmissions from smartphones, WLAN, etc. radiate directly into audio systems. All power, signal and loudspeaker cables act like antennas, absorbing the high-frequency loads in the room and leading them to the inside of your HiFi devices, directly into the signal path. The impact on sound quality is massive, including a loss of resolution and dynamics, distortions of the overtone spectrum, etc. Removing the high-frequency loads on the audio signal is the key to a profound, highly emotional listening experience. German innovators Schnerzinger have developed a comprehensive system which completely eliminates these interfering fields (cables, power grid, HiFi components & room effects) – without any loss of signal speed or bandwidth.

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MUTECH RM Kanda Hayabusa Cartridge



In the tradition of Japanese audiophile works of art, designer Eiji Kanda’s latest creation, the RM-Hayabusa is creating some serious admiration in audiophile communities. After the success of the RM-Kanda and RM-Kagayaki, this new breakthrough design stuns technically and sonically, making it one of the most sought-after cartridges in recent times. Proving that intelligent innovation is still possible in the field of cartridge engineering, Kanda has pioneered the yoke-less ring-magnet MC cartridge design and the Hayabusa has instantly become a modern classic. A paradigm shifting musical experience!

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Stage III Power Cable

Stage 3 Concepts


Since 1996, Stage III Concepts have been an innovator in audio cable design, being the first company to offer ‘floating’ silver ribbon and air dielectric technology. Hand-made in the USA using materials of the highest quality and intricate construction techniques, their attention to detail, build quality and sonic performance are in a rarified league. Not satisfied with commercially available components, they even make their own connectors and provide a limited lifetime warranty on every one of their products. Superb!

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German Physiks Speakers

German Physiks

Speakers, Amplifiers, Cables

Since 1993, German Physiks has been widely regarded as the manufacturer of the world’s most advanced audiophile omnidirectional speakers. Their revolutionary DDD driver with its exceptionally wide frequency range and omnidirectional radiation pattern creates an enveloping & coherent sound field similar to that of a live performance in a concert hall. Their new Emperor range of electronics and Pion range of cables are already been celebrated for their excellence. Sound quality that knows no limits!

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My Sonic Signature Platinum Cartridge

My Sonic


After designing phono cartridges for respected brands such as Koetsu, Air Tight, Miyabi, Luxman, Supex and Audio Craft, master cartridge maker Mr. Yoshio Matsudaira founded My Sonic Lab in 2004 with the goal of designing the ultimate range of cartridges. His unique SH-μX high flux / high permeability core material is one of the few genuine breakthroughs in cartridge design in the last fifty years. Only with the development of SH-μX was it possible to achieve an unseen level of performance with the lowest internal impedance and the highest output.

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AG Lifter Isolation Feet

AG Lifter

Racks, Isolation Devices

When New Zealand based Andre and Vanessa Gil, owners of an industrial engineering, design & automation company with 35 years of experience, decided to design isolation products for their personal hi-fi system, they couldn’t have dreamed that within months their AG Lifter products would have received such international acclaim. Isolating source & amplification components allows you to REALLY hear them and often elevates performance to another level. More music, less noise = AG Lifter.

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Borresen 05



Michael Borresen is considered to be one of the pre-eminent designers in high-end audio today. Along with Lars Kristensen (Nordost), he founded Raidho Acoustics and immediately introduced the world to his innovative designs with the brand quickly becoming a global reference. After moving on from Raidho, along with Lars he launched BØRRESEN Acoustics which gave him total freedom to evolve his technologies & introduce new ground-breaking designs. We are now witnessing literally a re-invention of speaker design using technologies that were not available a few years ago and experts the world over are describing BØRRESEN as the pinnacle of speaker performance. Paradigm smashing!

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Cables, Racks, Isolation Devices, Noise Suppression Devices

Described recently by the global audio press as ‘the most exciting development in high-end audio in decades’, Ansuz and its sister companies Aavik and Boressen are changing the audiophile landscape. Lars Kristensen (Nordost, Raidho) and Michael Borresen (Raidho) have gathered a team of very talented audio engineers and are producing products that are raising the performance bar to unprecedented levels. Ansuz Acoustics has produced a number of patented new technologies in the fields of electrical & mechanical grounding and noise suppression and has infused those new technologies into a wide range of cables, switches, power distribution, mechanical isolation and noise reduction products. The result? Astonishing sound quality that is leaving audiophiles & the global audio press completely speechless. Next level has arrived!

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Aavik Acoustics

Aavik logo

Digital, Servers, Amplifiers

The Audio Group Denmark (Ansuz, Aavik, Borresen) were recently described by some of the global audio press as ‘the most exciting development in high-end audio in decades’. Why? Part of the reason is that the calibre of people involved is astounding… Lars Kristensen, Michael Borresen, Flemming Rasmussen (to name a few). Another part of the reason is that these brands are genuinely evolving their disciplines to an unprecedented realm of performance. The main reason though is that the sound quality is simply blowing people away and setting new standards. Aavik Acoustics designs and builds electronics packed with unique technologies that allow the micro details to be expressed against the quietest of backgrounds. Jaw-dropping! Forget what you know. Aavik is next level audio performance.

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Aspire Audio Rack

Aspire Audio Logo


Driven by a passion for great sound and extraordinary appreciation for quality, Aspire Audio have managed to achieve what has eluded so many – to create an audio rack with scientifically documented, performance proven isolation technology that also looks beautiful and would be the envy of the fussiest interior designers. Manufactured in Sydney Australia, Aspire Audio stands are made of carefully selected kiln dried FSR certified solid timber shelves and solid metal parts that are created by the best artisans in the region. Sonically, these racks are unmatched for their price, a true performance bargain. Elegant simplicity… sonic bliss.

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RD Acoustic Diffuser

RD Acoustic

Acoustic Room Treatment

RD Acoustic is located in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in the Czech Republic. Founded by audio purists Radovan Řehořek and David Piska, this small company has recently made a rather large impact in the world of high-end audio. A boutique manufacturer of high efficiency speakers and various audio components, RD Acoustics also create room acoustic treatment solutions that have seen them grace some of the world’s best listening spaces.

Science + beauty = perfection!

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Graham Engineering

Graham Engineering


Since they started making world class tonearms in the mid-80s, Graham Engineering has been synonymous with quality, engineering excellence, adjustability and sonic performance. Company founder and designer Bob Graham is always evolving his designs for better performance so every design feature is the result of years of refinement. In recent years, the range has been rationalised to two models which sit among a small group of designs that can be considered true reference.

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Korf TA SF9R 9


Austrian engineer Alexey Kornienkov has an infectious love of music. He’s also one of those unique innovators who looks at things from all angles, asking ‘how can this be improved?’ Thankfully for us, he applied his talents to creating a phenomenal ceramic headshell and then turned his attention to making a range of reference standard tonearms that did not require you to sell your family home to acquire. Alexey chose the high mass steel tube curved design favoured by the likes of Fidelity Research and Ikeda and then set aside to improve every aspect of it using modern research & technology. He developed a zero-backlash flexure pivot horizontal bearing and a range of other innovations that make Korf tonearms one of the most exciting developments in recent years. Beautifully musical, masterfully engineered precision instruments.

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Alieno Pre & Power Amps



Designer Fulvio Chiappetta has been building highly respected tube electronics for 30 years while secretly working on a project to make an ‘ultimate amplifier’ with capabilities that have been until now, thought to be impossible. When he unveiled his Alieno amplification system, the reaction from the audiophile world was unprecedented. Within a very short time, the Alieno was being embraced as the new global reference for tube amplification, incorporating a completely unique single ended class A design to produce 250W of power from two 300B tubes. Many experienced audiophiles and distributors are describing the sound as ‘simply redefining the genre’ and auditions ‘leaving people speechless’. Unique design, unprecedented performance… ultimate sound quality. Alieno!

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Sculpture A


SCULPTURE A refer to themselves as a “French-based enterprise bringing together a team of European craftsmen and professionals from the audio & broadcast industry.” This is true, however if you have the good fortune of meeting these people, perhaps a more accurate description would be “a group of extremely enthusiastic & supremely knowledgeable analog fanatics who build amazing sounding cartridges & step-up transformers that bring out the purity & beauty in the music and are MOST enjoyable”. Michael Fremer’s recent review is bringing audiophile’s attention to the French brand, ensuring that it will no longer be a ‘secret known only to connoisseurs’.

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Taiko Audio Server

Taiko Audio

Music Servers

Based in the Netherlands, Taiko Audio was founded by Emile Bok, who has developed a global reputation as one of the most innovative designers in the digital audiophile space. His award winning music servers use a blend of traditional and cutting-edge technology, specifically designed components and advanced materials science. The level of detail within the design and the build quality is simply stunning and every piece is tested by ear to ensure that it will bring enjoyment to those clients for whom top sound quality is paramount. The result is a representation of sound that is so realistic, it feels like listening to a live performance. The Taiko Audio SGM Extreme is simply the best Music Server we have ever heard. The “bee’s knees”.

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Wally Tools - WallyTractor Universal

Wally Tools

Analog Set-Up Tools

Brilliant engineer and inventor Wally Malewicz developed the best and most accurate analog set up tools available. Such was the demand for his coveted devices that after his passing, WAM Engineering was relaunched in 2019 in a joint effort between Wally’s former production assistant and Wally’s son. Over the years, Wally discussed many possible improvements and variations to his products with those closest to him but never had the opportunity to do them himself. WAM Engineering is proud to re-introduce his products with the improvements he had envisioned, starting with the most accurate and versatile cartridge alignment protractor in the world – the WallyTractor Universal. The fabled Wally Tools are now available in new & improved guise – Vinyl enthusiasts rejoice!

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Audio-Technica Cartridge



Established in 1962, Audio-Technica is well known for their large range of high-quality phono cartridges. Responsible for some all-time classic cartridges over the years, today the company focusses on incorporating their advanced technology into packages that are outstanding value and perform among the world’s best. Their designs incorporate various innovative stylus shapes & constructions as well as dual magnet designs which precisely positions the magnets to match the positions of the left and right channels in the groove walls. Turning a proud heritage into modern, ingenious design and a great sound.

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Kirmuss record cleaning products

Kirmuss Audio

Record Cleaning & Restoration System

The affordable Record Cleaning and Restoration System developed by Charles Kirmuss will increase your listening pleasure by removing most of those annoying unwanted pops and crackling sounds from both new and old records. This ultrasonic cleaning system safely cleans records of all sizes by removing dust particles and contaminants from your record surface and up to four records can be processed at the same time.

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