Recommended Systems

There’s nothing quite like that feeling when your system sings! That moment where it sounds amazing and all you want to do is play music again and again… and again. When all that effort you put into it pays off and you want nothing more than to close the door to the outside world, press ‘play’ and immerse yourself in another dimension.

Creating an enjoyable music system has a lot to do with system synergy – the way all the parts work together to produce a result. Components all differ in design philosophy, specifications and voicing, so it is paramount to match them carefully so that their strengths complement each other and the cumulative effect is… magic!

The team at Nirvana Sound are always listening to different combinations of amplifiers, speakers, cables, streamers, turntables, stands and whatever else we can get our hands on. Whenever we discover combinations that produce great results, we talk about them here. We try to explain why we think the combination works so well and how the synergy is created.

We give each system a price based on the list price of the digital source, the amplification and the speakers. This is just a basic guide so that the systems can be compared relative to each other. Then wherever relevant we list the complimentary analogue components, the signal cables and power cables that we used to achieve the sound we describe. We also recommend downscaling options if you want to achieve this sound but your budget can’t quite stretch to it and upscaling options that will take that particular sonic presentation to another level. Just for fun, we name the system after a place in the world that relates to the feeling the system gives us.

Please note that being a purely subjective hobby, we all have different tastes and preferences with how we like to listen to music. We aim to cover a diverse range of possibilities so hopefully there will be something in this collection of systems that may stimulate some thought about how you relate to your own sound and remember that we’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!

Our Recommended Systems