Pricing Policy

  1. Please note that the prices listed on our website are the Australian retail price.
  2. Prices may be subject to change due to currency & metals cost fluctuations.
  3. The pricing quoted supersedes previous quotations and may be withdrawn or altered without prior notice.
  4. Prices for non-listed and special items are available on request.
  5. Nirvana Sound always strives to maintain international parity pricing on all products, accounting for currency exchange rates, international freight, local tax and import duties. This means that you pay the same price for the item as the retail price in the country of origin plus GST. In some cases, we have to add a small cost to cover transport and shipping. You receive full local support and warranty.
  6. When referring to pricing information from our website, please refer to our ‘Website Use Terms and Conditions’.

Airtight Amplifier