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Fischer & FischerFor almost half a billion years, mother nature has compressed and shaped soil into solid rock. Soil from an era much earlier than the dinosaurs has been gently forged over aeons into a rock that itself is now known for its beauty and timelessness…. slate.

Fischer & Fischer, a specialist high-end loudspeaker company from Fredeburg, a beautiful town set deep in the German countryside east from Dortmund, never set out to use slate as the material for their cabinets. They simply looked for the most suitable material and discovered that slate had some extraordinary sonic characteristics. Building loudspeakers with natural slate cabinets provides many advantages due to its unique acoustic properties. Slate cabinets do not vibrate and absorb energy, thus making available maximum energy for the speaker to incite the surrounding air. The audible outcome is startling – greater dynamics, clarity and a fidelity richer in nuances and detail. Visually, these loudspeakers have a presence and elegance that exudes craftsmanship and technical perfection. We invite you to listen to the difference and enjoy the natural sound radiating from these beautiful pieces of sculpture.

Fischer & Fischer slate speakers


Materials and Technology Make the Difference

A loudspeaker cabinet performs a number of vital functions. Aside from housing the drive units, the cabinet needs to vibrate as little as possible because vibration interacts with the frequencies produced by the drivers, often depleting the loudspeaker of energy. The vibrations caused by cabinets often add colourations and distortions to the sound. This is why many high-end loudspeaker manufacturers go to great effort to engineer internal bracing technologies or experiment with different materials to reduce the effect of cabinet resonances.

Building loudspeakers with natural slate cabinets is a very logical solution. Due to its flaky, layered structure, its negligible re-sounding or re-echoing qualities and its extremely high mass, the material boasts extraordinary acoustic properties. In slate cabinets, the entire energy of the loudspeaker is available to incite the surrounding air.

The improvements that this approach makes to the sound quality is significant. In particular, the dynamics and coherency of the sonic picture is enhanced and the bass response is cleaner, more articulate and tuneful. The energy balance of natural slate is not only superior in the bass range. In the high frequency range, the extreme mass reactance of the material ensures that the membranes vibrating as a result of sound amplitudes are not offset by resonating baffles. This feature generates a music fidelity essentially richer in nuances and with greater detail than usual.

Fischer & Fischer driverFischer & Fischer Ribbon DriverFischer & Fischer crossover

A Timeless Aesthetic

There are aesthetic benefits too. Using slate makes it possible to make the cabinets smaller so that the loudspeakers can fit into moderately sized living spaces and the slate has an elegant, high quality, timeless aesthetic which gives it a real high-end speaker presence.

Apart from the natural slate finish, all Fischer & Fischer models can be ordered in a polished slate finish or customised colours (polished and painted in any RAL or automobile colour).

Fischer & Fischer SN1000Fischer & Fischer front plateFischer & Fischer 770

Exquisite Craftmanship

The high levels of sound quality are not only achieved by selecting a great material for the cabinet construction. Every aspect is important. The choice of drivers, the quality of the passive crossovers, the wiring, the incorporation of the high-performance AMT tweeter in some models……every detail is well designed and executed.

When you are investing in a Fischer & Fischer loudspeaker, you are not just experiencing a great sounding loudspeaker. You are investing in a handmade heirloom quality product that has been constructed with meticulous craftsmanship and this defines lasting value. As technology improves in time, it is even possible to update the loudspeaker to current technology years later!

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