AudienceAudience cables are critically acclaimed for their true fidelity to the signal without artificial embellishments or unwarranted voicing. Ignoring marketing trends and investing in research, Audience was the first cable brand to develop ultra-thin low mass/low eddy current resistant interconnect, speaker and power cables which have since been considered among the world’s best.

Audio cables are often referred to as accessories. However, an audio system cannot make sound without cables installed which implies that they are essential components. And much like the other components in the system, cables must be chosen with the same research that one would perform in choosing an amplifier, a speaker or a turntable. Characteristics such as coloration, distortion and other anomalies must be minimized in order for the system to perform at its optimum. Too often, audiophiles and music lovers treat these essential components as after-thoughts and end up compromising the performance of their carefully chosen audio gear.

Providing a range to suit all budgets, Audience power and signal cables are renowned for exceptional performance and have been described by users as supremely musical. It is no surprise that they have developed a cult following and a loyal base of repeat customers.

Audience Cables


The Importance of Eddy Current Reduction in Audio Cables

In the video, the late Roger Sheker from Audience Cables demonstrates that the magnet is like an audio signal that has a magnetic field. As the audio signal passes through conductive wire the same phenomenon occurs as you witness with the magnet and copper tubes. As audio signal passes through wire, its magnetic field is shorted/interrupted by the conductive material and creates an opposing magneict field that impedes the signal. Like the larger copper tube, more mass of heavier copper wire creates greater opposing magnetic force. This is why Audience aspires to create cables and connectors with as little mass as possible. Of course, a speaker cable for example, requires heavier gauge wire than an interconnect. Also, the geometry of the conductors is extremely important. The Audience SX and frontRow interconnects and speaker cables are a dual helix, twin axial ribbon, perfect lay design with the two conductors wound in opposing directions. This geometry reduces eddy current resistance and naturally rejects noise without the use of an extra shield which has other sonic issues of damping dynamics affect. Please refer to the following graphic illustration.

SX Cross section

Not Interested in Trends

Audience is a highly respected American electronics company whose objective is to build the finest possible high performance audio components. Audience is not another “me too” manufacturer. Often ignoring trends and temporary ‘fads’, it is a leader and trend-setter in its unique approach to product design, execution and craftsmanship. Audience is also respected for its business integrity and dedication to its customers. Every employee at Audience strives to improve and push the limits of technology while embracing the human element in all that they do.

Started with a Loudspeaker Vision

In 1972 a chance meeting of two like-minded individuals took place in southern California between John McDonald, local businessman and music lover and the late Richard Smith, forward-thinking designer and audiophile. Together, they discovered a shared passion for music and the art of reproducing recorded music. That love of music arts, still the motivation behind all Audience products, led to the founding of two companies. The first was Sidereal Akustic Audio Systems, Inc. (1979 – 1985). The second was formed in 1997 with a third member, design engineer Roger Sheker, and Audience was established to further the quest to fulfill long held dreams.

Microphone with guitaristOrchestra

The inspiration that led the way was the desire to build a loudspeaker that would set a new standard in audio performance…a speaker that was faithful in every way to the original recording without the many compromises found in conventional loudspeakers. The number one compromise in most speakers is the ubiquitous crossover. In order to build a crossover-less speaker, single full range drivers were the key; no tweeters, midrange or woofers. Initially Audience used the best available off-the-shelf full range drivers. However, after nine years of painstaking effort it was concluded that the dream was not achievable to the extent of the true vision. It seemed that the laws of physics were simply being pushed beyond what seemed possible. During the final year of this long process Roger Sheker had been quietly designing what we had sought for so long…a breakthrough in loudspeaker driver technology. After testing the new concept it was evident that the new Audience “A3” driver design exceeded expectations and Audience was back on track.

Tenacity, imagination and drive won the day for Audience. In late 2009 Audience debuted the amazing ClairAudient 16 loudspeaker. Unlike anything ever seen or heard…the elusive goal had been reached. Not surprisingly, every model in the ClairAudient loudspeaker series conveys that same extraordinary magic that is the essence of music.

While loudspeaker research progressed over the years additional product lines were developed. The uncompromising approach to design and execution led the Audience team to develop new products that have consistently exceeded the expectations of consumers who demand only the finest in audio components.

Breakthrough in Cable and Power Cord Design

Speaker cables and interconnects from many firms were found to be lacking in what is considered absolute natural character. Cables were essentially tone controls in one way or another and they had evolved into the absurdity of the “bigger is better” marketing ploy. Audience was the first company to break the trend by the development of “ultra-thin” low mass/low eddy current resistant interconnect, speaker and power cables. Originally looked upon as silly they have since become some of the world’s most acclaimed audio/video cables and high performance power cords.

SE Cable

The need for a source of clean AC power was met by development of the Audience Adept Response Power Conditioners. Initially, the Audience team built their own power conditioners for nothing more than in house product development and for use at trade shows. Inadvertently the outside world discovered the superior quality of Audience power line filtration and insisted the technology be made available to them. Even the capacitors used in their power conditioners are exclusive Audience designs that have become the world reference for many great audio products across a multitude of brands.

Hand Built

True to the collective team vision, Audience products have always been entirely hand-built by experienced craftsmen at the factory in San Marcos California. Great care is taken to inspect, test, and package every product that is built. Customer’s complete satisfaction with the performance, fit and finish is paramount. John McDonald, president, is an enthusiastic professional who believes in providing the best customer service possible…an all too rare concept in today’s business climate.

It took more than 14 years for the Audience team to bring their dream to market. They learned that the only factors that really determine what can be accomplished in any company are the extent of imagination and the perseverance required to transform visions into reality. Now, the Clairaudient Loudspeaker Systems are recognized as the most accurate and musically satisfying loudspeakers available. This same dedication, imagination and passion for excellence is the cornerstone for all Audience products.

The Absolute Sound Back Page interview with John McDonald – February 2012

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