1. In addition to the rights guaranteed by the relevant State and Federal laws, in particular the Trade Practices Act 1974 and corresponding State Fair Trading legislation, Nirvana Sound guarantees to the original purchaser to make good either by repair or replacement any defect caused by faulty parts or workmanship covered by the manufacturers guarantee or warranty (please refer to manufacturer’s warranty card, booklet or tag). To the extent permitted by Law, the products hereby sold are guaranteed against faulty design or workmanship in the context of the execution of their design function. The express warranties hereby stated are in lieu of all other representations, warranties or conditions, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties or conditions of merchantable quality and fitness for a particular purpose, and those arising by statute or otherwise in law or from a course of dealing or use of trade.
  2. This warranty is effective from the purchase date and upon presentation of original documentation i.e. receipts or invoice.
  3. This guarantee or warranty is not provided if such a defect is the result of abuse, use in a way that is different from the instructions & guidelines provided in the item’s owner/user manual, commercial use, or is the natural characteristic of the part used in manufacturing.
  4. The equipment /components must be cared for in accordance with the care instructions provided by the manufacturer and the Product Care recommendations on our website.
  5. Guarantee or warranty is not transferrable. In most cases warranty claims will require inspection by our representative. Contact our Melbourne Head Office to arrange this inspection.
  6. Transport, service and handling fees are the responsibility of the purchaser to and from our service point.
  7. Nirvana Sound advises customers to thoroughly read and understand both the care conditions provided by the manufacturer in your product packaging and the recommendations outlined in our Product Care section. Incorrect care or misuse can void your manufacturer’s warranty. It is the customer’s responsibility to use and care for their products as recommended.


  1. In addition to the conditions outlined in ‘Section 7 Warranty – General’, please note the following additional warranty clauses that apply to the purchase of amplifiers utilizing valve/tube technology.
  2. Valve amplifiers are covered by a two (2) year parts and labour warranty. However, the actual valves have a shorter lifespan, and therefore a three (3) month warranty applies. When valves fail it can sometimes cause some other components to fail such as a capacitor or resistor. We do not charge for those items, however we do charge for labour in effecting the repair beyond the warranty period. Contact us for further details regarding Valve Amplifier service and warranties.


  1. In addition to the conditions outlined in ‘Section 7 Warranty – General’, please note the following additional warranty clauses that apply to the purchase of phono cartridges.
  2. Phono cartridges supplied by Nirvana Sound are all checked before they leave our store. It is the customers’ responsibility to check the cartridge as soon as he/she receives it to confirm that it is perfect.
  3. In particular the alignment of the cantilever should be checked. If you think that here is any problem whatsoever with the cartridge then you must advise Nirvana Sound within thirty (30) days. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you have checked the cartridge and are satisfied.
  4. We will always do our best to help customers who have a cartridge problem. Contact us for further details regarding phono cartridge service and warranties.