About Us

It’s all about the music

Music has the power to inspire us, take us on a journey to another time and place in our memories and to connect us with the passion, heart and soul of the song writer or artist. It tells stories, connects us to others and helps us to express and release our emotions. Music reflects our culture, our experiences, our time & place and is ultimately an expression of the human condition. It nurtures us, helps us get through our day and is immensely enjoyable.

The word Music is derived from Greek μουσική (mousike)… “art of the Muses”

What do we do?

We are music lovers who enjoy sharing our passion for great music and equipment which brings it to life in a way that allows us to fully appreciate it. Nirvana Sound is an audio distribution and consulting business based in Melbourne, Australia and is dedicated to representing the finest audio equipment to discerning music lovers. We only represent brands that we use ourselves and that we know represent the pinnacle of what is available. Our products can be auditioned through a carefully selected network of dealers and consultants around Australia and New Zealand.

We search the world to find exceptional audio reproduction equipment that has the ability to give you an experience of ultimate musical enjoyment. We offer you our experience and bring you these exceptional brands to help you attain that feeling that you are searching for, the experience of musical ‘nirvana’.

Cessaro Speaker

Our ‘why’

We have been involved in the high-end audio industry for many years, personally delivering and installing Döhmann turntables to clients around the world. We have also spent years as consultants, setting up and optimising reference systems for Australian & international clients, whilst also setting up rooms at shows for various brands over the years, in particular the Munich High-End Show. Nirvana Sound was formed because we wished to use this experience to assist music enthusiasts to achieve an optimal enjoyment of their music collection. When we are asked ‘why do you do this’, the answer is the same for all of our team members. We do this because there is no greater joy for us than being part of that moment when someone REALLY connects to the music with unbridled emotion and delight. Like we do!

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What makes us different?

We believe that there are a few key elements that differentiate us from other audio distributors:

  • Our aim is to offer our clients the top end of what is available in the world today. The very best sounding brands are not necessarily the best known brands as they are usually small operations without substantial marketing budgets producing high value low volume pieces.
  • Ultimate sound quality, realism, emotional ‘goose-bumps’ & reliability are our key criteria.
  • We only sell brands that we personally love and use.
  • We are not ‘box movers’ and do not work with brands that impose sales KPI’s on us. Instead, we work with enthusiasm and integrity by only representing brands that we are passionate about.
  • Despite the fact that our brands are representative of the upper end of the market, we believe that high-end does not necessarily need to be high-cost. We see high-end audio representing a bespoke approach to all the details that result in high performance.
  • Through our dealers, we provide personal, highly attentive service. Every client has different needs and we work tirelessly to understand these needs and achieve a high level of satisfaction for our clients, which we consider to be our Nirvana Sound family.
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Our products and services

We have carefully selected our brands because of the way they communicate music. We do our best to cover a wide range of price points however we have found that to achieve the level of musicality, realism, tonality and ‘believability’ that we desire, it is difficult to achieve that with mass-produced components. Even many well-known high-end brands place more effort into polishing the box and brand marketing than on the sound quality. This is why we inevitably end up representing small volume boutique brands that create hand-made artisan quality pieces. If ultimate sound quality is your objective, this is the realm of product that you invariably consider. This is the calibre of components that we refer to as ‘destination’ systems. We exist to serve people that are searching for that ultimate experience.

Nirvana Sound also offers the following services:

  • Analog MC cartridge re-tipping, re-building and servicing.
  • In-home analog cartridge set-up and calibration services.
  • Planning and design of dedicated music listening rooms.
  • Room treatment advice and implementation.
  • Consulting on how to achieve an optimally enjoyable experience from your music system.
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Reed 3PAir Tight PC-1-Coda Stereo MC Phono Cartridge