AlienoThere are many talented amplifier designers in the world today who bring their designs to the attention of audiophiles and some of them are so well received that they start manufacturing their products and a new brand is born. It is rare that a new design causes some of the most experienced and seasoned enthusiasts to say it’s the very best they’ve ever heard and it’s frankly unprecedented that a new brand is immediately used as a reference by some of the world’s most respected audiophiles, reviewers and distributors.

Designer Fulvio Chiappetta has been building tube electronics for 30 years while secretly working on a project to make an ‘ultimate amplifier’ with capabilities that have been until now, thought to be impossible. When he unveiled his Alieno amplification system, it simply redefined the genre and left people speechless.

At first glance, his design seems to be improbable. The Alieno amplifier is an OTL-OCL (Output Transformer Less & Output Capacitor Less) single ended class A design that achieves 250W per channel. Interested? Well, here is where it gets interesting. The Alieno amplifier is not a hybrid tube/transistor amplifier. It uses unique Loudspeaker Tube Direct (LTD) technology that allows the use of two 300B tubes exclusively for amplification circuitry, with transistors used exclusively for power supply and protection circuits.

Impossible you say? Well, this is the essence of Fulvio’s genius design. Essentially this amplifier achieves what many consider to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of amplification. Imagine the purity, tone, immediacy and naturalness of a 300B Single Ended Triode (SET) amplifier combined with huge power that would drive any speaker and achieve great bass and grip. Imagine if that power was not produced by transistor devices and was instead a product of the tubes. This is what 30 years of persistent, passionate work combined with a once in a generation electronics design talent has produced.

Fulvio partnered with long-time friends Acustica Applicata to create in effect, an Italian ‘centre of excellence’ and the Alieno has become one of the most revered amplification systems in the world. If there’s a discussion amongst audiophiles about the very best sounding amplification in the world, this new brand leaves much of the establishment in the dust and justifiably finds itself in the conversation. Unique design, unprecedented performance… ultimate sound quality. Alieno!

Alieno Pre & Power Amps


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