Taiko Audio

Taiko AudioBased in the Netherlands, Taiko Audio was founded by Emile Bok, who has developed a global reputation as one of the most innovative designers in the digital audiophile space. His award winning music servers use a blend of traditional and cutting-edge technology, specifically designed components and advanced materials science. The level of detail within the design and the build quality is simply stunning and every piece is tested by ear to ensure that it will bring enjoyment to those clients for whom top sound quality is paramount. The result is a representation of sound that is so realistic, it feels like listening to a live performance.

Taiko Audio’s mantra ‘it’s all about innovation’ is evident in the DNA of everything that they design. Through product manufacturing and OEM, they create devices with unique features, and excellent sound quality as well as innovative new components for the DIY market. Prior to the new Extreme, their best-known commercial electronics product was the Sound Galleries Music Server, which is renowned for making High Performance computing with Audiophile quietness possible.

The Taiko Audio SGM Extreme is a genuine game changer in terms of achievable sound quality from a music server. Around the world, Extremes are replacing previous reference digital source components in reference systems and setting new standards and expectations. A great achievement!

Taiko Audio Server


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