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RD Acoustic

RD Acoustic is located in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in the Czech Republic, a region rich in cultural diversity, history and tradition. Founded by audio purists Radovan Řehořek and David Piska, this small company has recently made a rather large impact in the world of high-end audio.

As is often the case for companies that fit the description of ‘high-end’, they set high standards and employ an uncompromising approach to achieving them. This has led to significant innovation in design, materials & manufacturing techniques. RD Acoustic avoid what they refer to as ‘fairy tales and voodoo’, preferring rather to base their products on principles that have a solid foundation in science and well-proven ideals. As a general philosophy, they favour simplicity accompanied by components and parts of the highest quality.

Radovan and David (the ‘RD’ in the company name) share a deep love of music and their primary motivation is bringing this art form to the listener in a presentation that is as finely detailed and realistic as possible. A boutique manufacturer of high efficiency speakers and various audio components, RD Acoustics also create room acoustic treatment solutions that have seen them grace some of the world’s best listening spaces.

Their new hybrid diffuser panels are the result of extensive research and development and represent a significant step forward in the field of acoustic treatment of listening spaces. They dampen reflected acoustic waves in one plane and evenly diffuse them in the other and their effect on the sonic behaviour of a room is extraordinary!

If you have had some experience with the hobby of sound reproduction, you have probably realised that the very best speakers will not be able to achieve great results in spaces with poor acoustic conditions. The application of the RD Acoustic diffuser technology allows a system to perform unhindered by room-related interferences and anomalies.

In a society saturated with consumerism and generic ‘same-same’ products, it is interesting to see that many people are searching for true quality, authenticity and craftmanship. If you are looking for room treatment solutions to optimise your listening experience, you can now access the best. Science + Beauty = Perfection.

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Other Products by RD Acoustics

RD Acoustics also offer the Evolution and Euphoria high efficiency speakers, an EMI Neutralizer Power Filter, a Power Filter with surge protection and OCC Silver Interconnects. Although at this time Nirvana Sound is not able to stock these items, we are certainly able to make them available to you. Please contact Nirvana Sound for further details.

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