Cartridge Re-Tipping

A Well-Functioning Cartridge is Vital for Optimum Sound

Your phono cartridge represents a significant financial investment and is also an important component in your analog system… & therefore your musical pleasure. In time, and in particular after many hours of operation, cartridges may need re-tipping, repair or in some cases a full rebuild. This is vital for cartridge longevity and ensuring that your cartridge performs at its optimum level. We provide two options for our customers to ensure that their valuable cartridges receive the care they need.

Wally Tools AlignmentA stylus moving through the grooves of a vinyl record player

Option 1 – Nirvana Sound Technician

This service is open to all cartridge brands and the work is carried out here in Australia by a qualified cartridge specialist technician. In fact, he’s one of the very best technicians we have ever worked with and a genuine expert in the field. He uses the highest quality approved parts (original if possible) and has invested substantially in having state-of-the-art testing & measuring equipment. He has been factory trained by many of the most common brands and we believe that his work is of the highest quality. This option normally takes around 4 weeks and your cartridge is returned to you in optimum condition, ready to go. We recommend this option for all clients who are looking for an exceptional result that is reasonably priced. The cost of a cartridge technical audit is $350 (non-refundable). If you then choose to go ahead with the re-tipping/re-build, the cost is then a further $2,000. These prices include GST.

A Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum CartridgeA My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent Gold Signature Cartridge

Option 2 – Work Completed by Original Factory

This service is open to only the brands that we represent and involves the cartridge being sent to the original factory for work to be done by the people that actually manufactured the cartridge. This option can be expensive, often costing around 60% of the original list price of the cartridge. Due to the overseas freight and factory scheduling elements, this option may also take 2-5 months.

A Mutech Hayabusa CartridgeA My Sonic Lab Hyper Eminent Cartridge

Please contact Nirvana Sound to discuss how we can help restore your precious cartridge to optimum performance.