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WallyTools Analog Setup Tools WAM Engineering has been advancing turntable setup since 1994 and many of their tools are the only ones made of their type anywhere in the world. They are passionate about helping you to apply the mathematics, geometry and physics behind vinyl playback to allow you to START FROM CERTAINTY on your analog setup.

We paid our last respects to the brilliant engineer and inventor Wally Malewicz in 2018. Though demand for his turntable setup tools was always higher than he could supply, following his passing vinyl enthusiasts were left without hope of ever owning one of his products. WAM Engineering was relaunched in 2019 in a joint effort between Wally’s former production assistant and Wally’s son who, like his father, is a highly skilled mechanical engineer.

Over the years, Wally discussed many possible improvements and variations to his products with those closest to him but never had the opportunity to do them himself. WAM Engineering is proud to re-introduce his products with the improvements he had envisioned, starting with the most accurate and versatile cartridge alignment protractor in the world – the WallyTractor Universal.

The fabled Wally Tools are now available in new & improved guise – Vinyl enthusiasts rejoice!

Wally Tools - WallyTractor Universal



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Why Use WallyTools?

The answer is simple: A turntable is a transcription instrument designed to extract music from the record grooves. The principles of this music recovery are governed by geometry and physics. Therefore, geometry and physics should be the primary consideration when setting up your transcription device. Your setup will only be as good as the devices you use and how well you use them.

WallyTools are non-multivariate in nature. Each tool is dedicated to measure a single aspect of alignment which means you can get closer to an ideal setting. Whilst alignment parameters do interrelate it is very difficult to measure multiple variables simultaneously.

Optical and electrical alignment is easy to measure and correct and through a process of iteration a user can make significant improvements to the fidelity of their cartridge setup.

What makes WallyTools such as the WallyTractor so easy to use is the fact it is based on good metrology principles to remove stacked tolerance errors often found in complex assemblies of alignment tools.

Using a simple series of arcs on a mirror surface means the pivot to spindle distance and overhang are easily and accurately found. This allows for accurate offset angles to be viewed. This considerably reduces the chance of error in measurement at home or in the field.

This principle of metrology is applied through each WallyTool and gives the user a more accurate foundation for alignment and measurement of forces acting upon a cartridge suspension.

WallyTools - Loupe WallyTools - Loupe

Nirvana Sound Can Assist You with Your Analog Set-Up

Nirvana Sound are proud to represent WAM Engineering in Australia. Our resident analog guru, Mark Döhmann is the designer of Döhmann Audio turntables and has been designing, setting up, repairing, modifying and optimizing the performance of analog systems since 1982.

We believe in the non-multivariate approach to setting up analog systems and prefer to use optical alignment methods based on trusted metrology practices. These methods are the only methods we use and recommend.

We also provide training, workshops and in-home installation services. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Walenty Malewicz (1942 – 2018)

Wally Malewicz

Wally Malewicz was a skilled mechanical engineer with a deep love of music and in particular, analog playback. He was passionate about pursuing a greater appreciation of the playback quality of the medium and made a significant contribution to the artform for decades.

Launched in the early 1990’s, the WallyTractor was the product that drew industry attention to the importance and value of perfecting the horizontal alignment of the stylus/cantilever assembly with the precious record groove. This contribution allowed us to extract maximum information from the grooves with greater certainty that setup was dialed-in to perfection and resulted in his first of several industry recognitions with Stereophile’s Accessory of the Year Award in 2002.

Wally helped countless audiophiles to improve performance of their systems over the years. His expertise and patience was always available to those who would reach out to him. Wally helped many manufacturers identify and solve errors in their designs and was contracted by several firms to act as the consulting engineer to develop some of the highest precision analog equipment on the market today.

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