Cessaro Horn Acoustics Opus I

AUD $74,000.00

2-Way Horn Loaded Floor Standing Loudspeaker

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Such are the quality standards of Cessaro Horn Acoustics that the cost of building a speaker that can deliver that ‘Cessaro Sound’ are significant and as a result, their speakers have traditionally been difficult to access for a large portion of the audiophile community. In recent years, Cessaro have been developing a new speaker concept that aims to address this situation. The result is the remarkable new Opus I loudspeaker system, a compact speaker that re-defines build quality & luxurious finish while delivering a compelling slice of the sonic bliss that their larger speakers are renowned for.

In order to produce that heightened level of sound quality, a unique combination of drivers are implemented. Part of the magic comes from the new Cessaro 1” Beryllium compression driver matched with a CNC-milled horn. Yes, you read this correctly – a Beryllium compression driver on a speaker at this pricing level! This is paired Cessaro’s acclaimed 8” Alnico magnet bass driver, considered to be one of the very top drivers of its kind that money can buy. The cabinet consists of the same special composite material as their larger flagship speakers and is hand polished to a high gloss finish. The cabinet also features an innovative port construction at its rear side.

The high frequency horn is free standing on the top of the cabinet and is connected through an ‘Acra-Swiss’ clamp which gives it a solid connection and makes it easy to remove for transportation. The isolation feet come in different sizes, are height adjustable and made of stainless steel. Furthermore, you have the facility to precisely adjust the level of the tweeter horn.

Despite the Opus I’s diminutive dimensions, you feel the presence of the ‘Cessaro sound’ immediately as the system transports you to the live venue. This is a great example of quality of drivers and quality of build being superior to quantity of drivers and large cabinets made of inferior resonating material. The sound is fast, articulate, open and immediate. The soundstage is wide and deep with realistic proportions. The tonality is natural and the speaker is so revealing, it will immediately communicate small changes in system composition – change one interconnect cable and you hear it. This level of communication means that when you match this speaker with high quality electronics, you will hear exactly what those components can do. This is one of the few speakers that owners match with components that cost many multiples of the speaker cost. The Opus I is not considered to be a downgrade from the sound achieved by the larger Cessaro horns. It is considered to be a way of achieving that sound in a small to modest sized room, typically rooms around 20-30m². For added bass performance, Cessaro offer an immensely capable matching active subwoofer which is constructed in the same aesthetic as the Opus I and can be used to deepen and further tune the lowest frequencies.

Even at this pricing level, speaker manufacturers often build speakers with compromises so that they can have a product offering in the market and their speakers are often manufactured in low-cost labour countries. The fact that the Opus I is the exact opposite of that thinking makes it one of the most exciting speaker systems in the world. Peruse the Cessaro range of speakers or talk to an owner of a Cessaro speaker system and you will discover that they are a company with uncompromising high standards of sonic performance and build quality. They never build to a price, opting instead to build to a standard of sound quality. Everything they do is executed to the highest standards. For years they wanted to produce a speaker that could be used in smaller rooms and was more affordable and it has taken a long time for them to finally be happy with a speaker design that fits that brief. It is like Rolls-Royce making a city car – it will be a compact car but it will have the trademark Rolls Royce attributes.

Despite its compact physical dimensions, the Opus I is a very serious speaker system. The standards of fit and finish are simply unrivalled, taking artisan specialists weeks to complete. Sit in front of this speaker and the ethereal sonic attributes envelop you and take you on a journey. It gives you an elevated feeling that you have a deeper, more personal connection with the artist, their intention and the meaning of their art. Breathtaking!

Product Specification

Model Cessaro Horn Acoustics Opus I
Type 2-Way Horn system
Bandwidth 40Hz – 22,000Hz
Bass Driver Cessaro 8” Alnico Drive Unit
Tweeter Driver CNC milled aluminium horn with a Cessaro 1” Beryllium Compression Driver
Efficiency 97.5dB
Impedance 6 Ohm
Recommended Room Size 20 – 30m²
Dimensions 30cm x 55cm x 125cm (W x D x H)
Weight 63kg per channel

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