Wilson Benesch GMT ONE SYSTEM™ Turntable

Statement Analog Replay System

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The new State-of-the-Art Wilson Benesch analogue replay system is set to become the new global standard for analog replay. It will feature numerous design elements including a patent applied for drive technology that is set to define a new level of music replay performance within the industry.

The development of this landmark new product has been made possible through decades of collaborative R&D with leading professors, institutions and private companies from a diverse range of specialisms.

Wilson Benesch GMT ONE SYSTEM

The following short film provides a glimpse behind the scenes at Wilson Benesch, showing their advanced manufacturing systems based upon Markforged technologies. Over the past five years these digital technologies have transformed product development and manufacturing at Wilson Benesch. Some of the components seen in the film will already be familiar — components such as those found in the Eminence where geometrically optimised Fibonacci structures endow the Tweeter faceplate and Tactic 3.0 Drive Unit with State-of-The-Art performance.

However, the film also provides a sneak preview of some of the exciting future landmark designs of the GMT ONE SYSTEM Turntable™. A number of design registrations are in place or pending that will protect the design elements shown in the film. Inspired by nature, these mimetic designs seek to attain the kind of highly optimised structures that would normally only be found in nature. Certainly they would be totally impossible to make by conventional manufacturing technologies.


Wilson Benesch are reviewing opportunities to present GMT ONE SYSTEM Turntable™ to the public for its official launch. With the Munich HIGH END now rescheduled to May 2022, Wilson Benesch will provide details of the full launch and availability to order in due course. Please contact Nirvana Sound for more details.