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If you consider yourself an audiophile, a purist or someone who is simply looking to occasionally step out of the world of convenience gadgets and enhance your emotional experience with music, we welcome you to visit and share your story with us.

Location & Opening Hours

We are open every Saturday 11am – 3pm. Outside of those hours, please contact us as we’re happy to make the showroom available to you any time, including weekdays, evenings and weekends. You are very welcome to visit for a planned audition or simply to be left alone to enjoy music through any of our systems for as long as you like… and we make a great coffee! The showroom is located at 9 Clarence Street, East Bentleigh in Melbourne.

Showroom Design

Our intention is to show you the kind of sound quality that is achievable in your own home. Therefore, we were very careful to build our showroom just like an average home with stud walls and a carpeted floor. Aside from the use of some sound absorbing panels placed on the walls, there is no invisible sound treatment or tricks. We did not aim to build a perfect acoustic space. Instead we built spaces that are similar to most lounge rooms or domestic listening spaces.

There are 3 distinct listening spaces which contain music systems. Each space (room) has a specific purpose and the use of all 3 rooms gives us the flexibility to demonstrate a wide variety of systems, ranging from headphones & desktop systems, compact hi-fi systems with a small physical footprint right up to the large no-holes-barred reference systems.

Nirvana Sound showroom - listening couch

Room 1

Room 1 is designed to showcase the large scale absolute reference style systems for clients who are wanting to experience ultimate level audiophile sound quality. The equipment is carefully curated with performance and system synergy in mind and the system on permanent demonstration here is one of the premier systems available to be auditioned anywhere in the world. Feedback from many clients indicates that it is considered to be the most accomplished listening space for high-end audio in Australia.

Nirvana Sound showroom - Room 1

Room 2

Room 2 is designed to showcase systems that achieve a very high level of performance at a more accessible budget and high-end integrated solutions for clients who are wanting to experience extreme high-end sound quality with a minimum of boxes. To achieve this, we often demonstrate the best integrated amplifiers and smaller footprint equipment that still qualifies as very high performance. It is also the room that we tend to showcase different style speaker systems like panels & omni-directional technologies, although these speaker systems can also appear in our other rooms. Room 2 is popular among our clients who are looking to move up from the mainstream high-end brands that are commonly found in traditional hi-fi dealers into more high performance destination style systems.

Nirvana Sound showroom - Room 2

Room 3

This room contains a large rack with multiple systems available to audition. These systems have been carefully curated to represent the best performance available at various more accessible price points. Clients are genuinely surprised at the level of sound quality available for more modest budgets, often calling this room ‘the home of the giant-killers’. When compared with popular mainstream brands that most audiophiles have become accustomed to, these systems are in terms of sound quality, in a league of their own. Room 3 presents a comfortable environment to explore and get lost in the music, making it a very popular space for those seeking a more powerful emotional connection to an artist or performer’s craft.

Nirvana Sound showroom - component options

The ‘Nirvana Sound Way’

We are first and foremost crazy about music! That is what excites us most and occupies most of our conversations. We are also passionate about the hobby of audio, meaning we take great delight in achieving a sound quality that better connects us to the musical message.
The equipment is just the ‘facilitator’ of that experience. Being in the hobby for over 40 years and having travelled around the world to visit shows, manufacturers and clients, we have heard lots of brands, technologies and watched trends come and go. Our way is to really get to know you, how you listen to music and to gain an understanding of how you can increase your enjoyment of this wonderful artform. No pressure, no obligation. Just guidance, sharing, demonstrating and ultimately friendship and community.

We even have a no obligation home demonstration policy and a Happiness Guarantee.

Nirvana Sound showroom - chair and LPs

Come and visit!

So make an appointment and come and explore true high fidelity audio!

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