Wilson Benesch Endeavour 3Zero

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Fibonacci Series 2.5-Way Stand Mount Speaker

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Since its foundation, Wilson Benesch has invested heavily in ambitious research and development projects in the fields of materials science and manufacturing. The Endeavour 3Zero exploits more than three decades of work, to distil a multitude of cutting-edge Wilson Benesch technologies in its flagship stand-mount loudspeaker design.

The Endeavour 3Zero builds upon the Discovery 3Zero, adding additional air volume in a larger enclosure that adds more drive and composure to the larger of the two siblings. Like the smaller Discovery 3Zero, the Endeavour 3Zero places the Fibonacci hybrid dome Tweeter directly at the acoustic centre of bass and midrange drivers. Featuring the very latest Wilson Benesch Drive Technology, the Endeavour is capable of delivering a wide bandwidth (38Hz to 30kHz). A dedicated Tactic III midrange drive unit sits inside the Carbon Nanotech Enclosure, with a clamshell formation Tactic II Isobaric System taking care of the lightning-fast bass to create a perfectly integrated low-mid range response.

This results in what may be the most accomplished stand mount speaker system in high-end audio. Through expert design and craftsmanship, advanced materials technology has been combined with geometry in every component to create a stand mount loudspeaker design with no compromise. This uncompromised approach translates to an astonishing sonic performance, faithfully reproducing the musical event as though the performers are literally there in the room before you. The Endeavour has a loyal band of enthusiasts around the world who appreciate the great qualities of a stand mounted monitor style speaker taken to the extreme.

The sonic delivery is perfectly poised, tonally balanced, natural-sounding and seamlessly integrated. Listening to the Endeavour 3Zero is an affirmational experience and highly recommended for all music lovers.

Endeavour 3zero Wilson Benesch Interior


Bio-composite Monocoque Cabinet (‘Bio-Carbon’)

The new A.C.T. 3Zero bio-composite Monocoque is superior to its predecessor both in terms of damping and stiffness by orders of magnitude. Furthermore, it features a variety of natural materials that are derived from sustainable and renewable sources, realising Wilson Benesch’s goal to create more natural, renewable and sustainable materials technologies. In terms of acoustic performance, there is simply no other cabinet material used in speaker production today that comes close to this revolutionary material. All data is verified and measured through Wilson Benesch’s academic partner in the SSUCHY Project, the FEMTO Institute in Besancon France.

Advanced Cabinet Design

Further to the bio-composite material, the cabinet’s curved form is a result of significant research. The geometric form of the cabinet negates standing waves by reducing the number of flat surfaces on the loudspeaker external surface area. Therefore, any sound waves in the listening space that interact with the surface of the A.C.T. Monocoque are diffracted across a wide angle and thus diminished. As a result, such distortions are impossible for the ear to detect, allowing the loudspeaker to disappear within the listening space. This acoustic ‘stealth’ quality of the loudspeaker creates a wide open and life like soundstage.

Tactic 3.0 Drive Unit

The structure at the centre of the diaphragm plays a critical role in the behaviour of the drive unit. In the Tactic 3.0 driver, Wilson Benesch added the Fibonacci Element. Produced in house using additive manufacturing technology, the Fibonacci Element can be printed according to pre-designed parameters. Such is the precision of the additive manufacturing software, that the Wilson Benesch design team can see in cross-section and design three-dimensionally the optimal layup of carbon fibre and nylon, defining both stiffness and weight across the structure. The result is a new geometrical form that is comprised of a double curvature with both open and closed aspects in the form of a lattice structure again borrowed from natural geometry. 5 different materials and adhesives provide significant improvements in both the accuracy of the frequency response and the reduction of distortion. This is a critical aspect of the relationship between the drive unit and its ability to integrate with the roll-off of the tweeter and bass drive units. In the past, several materials have been drawn upon to enable the fine-tuning of this marriage. Additive Manufacturing has opened up a new chapter in the pursuit of this subtle but extremely important aspect of loudspeaker design. For the first time, the principal aspects of this structure can all be adjusted in a way that was previously impossible.

Fibonacci Silk-Carbon Hybridised Tweeter

The latest iteration of Wilson Benesch tweeter technology builds upon the Semisphere tweeter design pushing it into the next generation. As with all Wilson Benesch designs, the advances of the previous generation are built upon an iterative research and development pathway. With the Fibonacci tweeter, advances have been made within the structures adjacent to the motor and the hybridised dome. The Fibonacci tweeter faceplate is formed from a carbon fibre – nylon composite structure creating a geometrically optimised structure – the Fibonacci Element – that has been inspired by sacred geometry found in nature. In terms of acoustic performance, the faceplate delivers a new benchmark in terms of flat frequency response and ultrawide dispersion. In addition, the Fibonacci Element is decoupled from the motor and tweeter chassis which almost entirely eliminates structural borne resonance within this critical structure that surrounds the tweeter dome.

Isobaric Drive System

The principal low-frequency load of all loudspeakers in the Fibonacci Series is delivered by the Isobaric Drive System. Here two Tactic 3.0 Drive Units combine to create an Isobaric Drive System which is responsible for reproducing an incredibly tight and controlled bass response that is perfectly integrated with all other woofers in the loudspeaker chassis, particularly the midrange Tactic 3.0 drive unit. This system is faster and exhibits far less distortion than the large bass drive units often used by speaker manufacturers.

13mm Steel Ties: Compression In The Vertical Axis

The Endeavour 3Zero enclosure is held under tons of compressive force using 13mm threaded steel bars. The steel bars run the length of the enclosure and the integrated stand. They tie the large precision machined aluminium foot into the elegant base plate and in turn into the Endeavour 3Zero top plate. These vertical steel ties exert tons of compressive force in the vertical axis where the first resonant modes will emerge.

High Precision Inductors

The sound quality of a loudspeaker depends upon the quality of the components in the critical signal path. Wilson Benesch incorporate high precision, high packing ratio, Rocksolid, air core inductors in this application as well as computer controlled high precision wound inductors manufactured in-house.

Magnetic Grille

The Fibonacci Series loudspeakers have an elegantly designed magnetic grille to be used if desired.

Bi-Wirable Terminal Box in the Spine

Another elegant, yet intelligent design feature is the non-obtrusive bi-wirable speaker terminals incorporated into the spine structure of the speaker.

Engineered for you

Every Wilson Benesch loudspeaker is hand built for you. In addition to their standard finish, they offer a range of Premium Natural Wood Veneers, Premium P1 Carbon Fibre and Premium Paint Finishes. Want to create something unique? Contact Nirvana Sound to create something truly unique to you. This level of individualisation just adds that something special to the ownership experience of these premium pieces.



Audio Art: Best Performance of the Year 2016Super AV Overall Performance Awards 2014 Outstanding Elite



Wilson Benesch Endeavour Diagram Front


Wilson Benesch Endeavour Diagram Side


Wilson Benesch Endeavour Diagram Back


Wilson Benesch Endeavour Diagram


Wilson Benesch Endeavour Diagram Volumes


Product Specification

Type 2.5-way Stand Mounted Monitor
Measurements Impedance: 6 Ohms Nominal / 4 Ohms Minimal
Sensitivity: 89dB @ 1-Meter on axis, 2.83V Input
Frequency Response: 38Hz – 30kHz +/- 2dB
Drive Technology Tweeter: 1x 25mm (1”) Wilson Benesch Fibonacci Hybrid Silk-Carbon Tweeter
Midrange: 1x 170mm(7″) Wilson Benesch Tactic 3.0
Isobaric Drive System: 2x 170mm (7”) Wilson Benesch Tactic in Clamshell Formation
Crossover Technology Tweeter: Second-Order, 5kHz High Pass Filter
Midrange: First-Order, 5kHz Low Pass Filter
Isobaric Drive System: First-Order 500Hz Low Pass Filter
Enclosure Technology Materials: A.C.T. 3Zero – Advanced Bio-composite Monocoque Technology, Poly-Alloy, Hybridised Construction
Tweeter: Labyrinth Sealed Tweeter Backplate
Midrange Enclosure: Ported Enclosure, shorter port on the loudspeaker exterior
Isobaric Enclosure: Reflex Port Tuned Underside of Enclosure
  • Standard – Textured Black
  • Premium Natural Wood Veneer
  • Premium Paint Finishes
  • Premium P1 Carbon Fibre Finishes
  • Isobaric Drive System Finishes

(Contact Nirvana Sound for options)

Dimensions Height: 1,425mm (56.1”)
Width: 191mm (7.5”) Baffle, 526mm (20.7”) Widest Point of the Foot
Depth: 480 mm (18.9”)
Weight 75kg (165.35lbs) Stand is integrated with the loudspeaker enclosure
Terminations Bi-wirable terminal located on the loudspeaker foot at ground level

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