Air Tight Opus-1 Mono

Mono MC Phono Cartridge

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Air Tight Opus-1 Ermitage cartridge, released in honour of AirTight’s 30th anniversary is in the very top echelon of MC phono cartridges in the world and offers a performance that has to be heard to be believed. It is the result of many years of development and collaboration between the most renowned Japanese cartridge designers.

It incorporates a unique (exclusive to the Opus-1) ultimate performance SH-uX core sealed in an ultra-hard duralumin housing which is then fortified by nickel plating. It aims at delivering the optimum combination ratio of internal impedance and output voltage. This technology gives the Opus-1 the ability to reproduce slight changes in signal intensity as a continuum and differentiate between subtle shades with ease.

The Mono version brings this technology to the audiophile who wants to apply it’s wonders to mono recordings. Drop it into a groove and the Opus-1 Mono opens a world of palpable three-dimensional imaging, a wide and deep soundstage and a sense of realism reminiscent of a live event. Such is its sublime sonic picture that the listener is drawn into the music with a deep emotional engagement and sense of believably. For audiophiles who are searching for the ultimate performing mono cartridge to add to their analogue system, the AirTight Opus-1 Mono must be on their short list. Rare and uncompromisingly brilliant


the absolute sound Golden Ear Award 2015



Type Ultra-Low Impedance MC phono cartridge
Housing A5056(Rhodium plating)
Magnet Neodymium#50
Cartridge base A7075(DLC plating)
Stylus Tip Type Semi-line contact (3μmm×30μmm)
Frequency range 10-50,000Hz
Internal impedance 1.4 ohms (DCR)
Output voltage 0.45mV/1kHz
Tracking force 2.0-2.2g
Channel balance Less than 0.5dB/1kHz
Dynamic Compliance 8×10⁻⁶Cm/Dyne
Cross talk More than 30dB/1kHz
Terminal Rhodium plating
Cantilever Boron
Weight 12.5g