Ypsilon Hyperion

Mono Block Hybrid Power Amplifier (pair)

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The Hyperion is a high power hybrid monoblock amplifier which takes the technologies that Ypsilon has developed for its power amplifiers to a new extreme.

The Hyperion combines high power output with no overall feedback and a simple and pure signal path of only two gain stages . It outputs more than 370W @ 8 Ohms & 1150W @ 2 Ohms.

The first gain stage uses a low impedance double triode coupled to the output stage with a wide bandwidth silver inter-stage transformer. The amplifier can accept the high transconductance 6H30 or 5687 types. Core performance of the amplifier is maintained with either type.

Its unique ‘balanced-single-ended’ output stage biased in Class A for 100W @ 8 Ohms achieves an unmatched blend of effortless drive and dynamics with the refinement and transparency of a pure single-ended design.

The Hyperion’s power supply is based on large inductors for smooth filtering and multiple fast capacitors. The power supply transformer is built with high quality core material and winding techniques for ultra-low mechanical, magnetic and electrical noise.

All internal wiring is with Ypsilon’s special silver wire with teflon insulation. Sophisticated protection circuits ensure a reliable operation regardless of connected load. The silver input transformer provides a true balanced input and in combination with two ground lift switches makes the amplifier easy to adapt in different grounding conditions.

Many experienced audiophiles have considered the ‘Holy Grail’ of power amplification to be an amplifier that can produce the delicacy, transparency, tone and realism of a single ended design but with real world power output that can drive virtually any modern loudspeaker. Until now, this has been attempted but without ideal results. The Hyperion not only achieves this ideal, but it has set a whole new standard that was until recently, considered impossible. Considered by many in the world’s audio press to be an absolute game changer, the Ypsilon Hyperion is now used as the power amplifier of choice in many of the world’s reference systems.


the absolute sound - 2017 Golden Ear Awards


Product Specification

Output Power Before Clipping 370W rms @ 8 Ohm (first 100W pure Class A)
650W rms @4 Ohm
1150W rms @ 2 Ohm
Bandwidth 6Hz -80KHz -3dB
Input Impedance 47kΩ
Gain X20 (26dB)
Inputs Balanced, Unbalanced
Input Tube 6H30 Pi or 5687
Rectifier Tube 6CA4 / EZ81
Power Consumption 400W at idle
Dimensions 441mm (W) x 298mm (H) x 630mm (D)
Weight 95kg each