Stenheim Alumine Five Signature

3-way Floor Standing Speaker

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The Alumine Five is a scaled-down version of the world-acclaimed Reference speaker, featuring the same midrange driver and tweeter. Entirely made in Switzerland, the full aluminium, floor-standing, Alumine Five speaker combines unparalleled expertise and years of research to bring you exceptional sound and musical immersion. The trademark Stenheim possesses extreme high-efficiency which allows pairing with the finest quality low-powered amplifiers so that you never have to sacrifice musicality for power.

Swiss state-of-the-art design and attention to aesthetics pervade the clean and elegant aluminum cabinet both inside and out. Never before has design and fidelity conspired to yield such ethereal yet tangible results. During the development process, Stenheim decided against embracing some of the ubiquitous and exotic technologies such as “diamond” or “beryllium” diaphragms. Instead, after exhaustive listening sessions, they decided that the most satisfying results were achieved with some of the older methods. The opportunity was not in embracing new trends but more in revisiting the tried and true methods that worked but simply developing them further. The Stenheim Alumine Five uses proprietary multilayer cone drivers with textile surrounds mated to extremely powerful quality magnets, resulting in high speed, tonality and beauty.

The Alumine Five is still a relatively compact speaker when you consider its capabilities and it embodies all of Stenheim’s fundamental design principles:

  • A larger than expected bass-mid driver with a sophisticated, treated paper cone.
  • A fabric dome tweeter, carefully horn loaded for increased efficiency.
  • A high order, phase-coherent crossover to preserve the fragile but all-important temporal and spatial information in the stereo signal.
  • A thin-wall aluminium cabinet built with hidden fixings and golden ratio dimensions.
  • Low-volume damping materials to kill cabinet resonance and internal standing waves without killing musical dynamics.

Such is the performance and tonality of the Alumine Five that it is in some way symbolic of a feeling within high-end audio communities that the best way of achieving the most enjoyable results is by staying true to a high quality modern interpretation of old-school principles. This is a real music lover’s speaker and has rocked the old establishment. In the USA, Stenheim speakers are featuring in ‘best sound of show’ rooms on a regular basis. Years ago, if you had a reasonable budget to spend on ultimate level speakers, the press would lead you to believe that you really only had 2-3 choices because those brands allocated significant budgets to the marketing of their products. However today, people are voting with their ears and Stenheim is at the forefront of a movement often referred to as a ‘re-discovering of musicality’.

Stenheim decided to build a version of the Alumine Five called the Special Edition (SE). It has the same technical characteristics but has an even more refined sound thanks to improved, high-grade crossover components, dedicated Stenheim internal wiring and a Stenheim binding post. Not content with having a speaker that won the coveted Absolute Sound Product of the Year award and the prestigious Golden Ear award in 2022, they decided to make a special version of the SE – the Signature Jean-Claude Gaberel version.

The Signature edition presents all the qualities of the Special Edition model but adds some even more sophisticated components together with an external crossover enclosure sitting on a platform machined out of solid 30mm billeted aluminium. The entire front surface is covered in premium leather and it is finished to heirloom quality standards. This model represents the precious collaboration with Stenheim’s partner Jean-Claude Gaberel, one of the most reputed sound engineers in the world. He won both a César and a Golden Globe in 1995 for his ground-breaking work on the film Farinelli.

The standard Five is superb, the Five SE is superlative and the Signature is even better with the added dimension of being an ‘objet de désir’, a collector’s item. The audiophile community has never been brandished with such a kaleidoscope of quality options. Celebrate in style.


Stenheim Alumine Five, Orpheus Absolute Integrated Amp, aqua LinQ, aqua Formula xHD~Graciela Susana

ART Open house Stenheim Alumine 5 with darTZeel Pleasure control


Bruno Castelluzo, Haute-Fidélité Magazine, 2022
The Alumine FIVE SEs set the bar for high-fidelity incredibly high, whether than be in terms of definition, inexhaustible dynamics, the extraordinary variety of nuances or the realism of the sound stage, but in a perfect fusion of these elements that has almost never been heard before in this format. Taking a completely classic approach, their qualities do justice to the emotion and the natural energy of the music, creating special moments with an extraordinary talent. These indispensable loudspeakers free the musical energy of the very best recordings with panache: they are true prodigies!

Product Specifications

Type 3-way floor standing speaker with 4 high efficiency transducers. Signature by JC Gaberel, with external crossover, front leather baffle, massive aluminium platform, dedicated internal wiring and special tuning for each speaker.
Construction Massive aluminium cabinet with 4 independent chambers. The midrange and tweeter chambers are closed & the others feature laminated front ports.
Frequency Response 28Hz-35KHz
Power Handling 200W RMS, 400W (peak).
Sensitivity 94 dB SPL/2.83V/1m (measured in a semi-reverberant room)
SPL Max 109 dB
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Drivers 2 x 10 inch woofers

1 x 6.5 inch neodymium medium drivers

1 x neodymium tweeter

Crossover Passive 3-way crossover using audiophile grade components
Bi-Wiring Yes, with WBT Nextgen Pole Terminals
Finishes Light shiny Grey, Dark shiny grey, Full Black, Wood veneer or Leather veneer, Special finishes on demand
Warranty 5 Years
Dimensions 1,200mm (H) x 280mm (W) x 330mm (D)

47.2 inches (H) x 11 inches (W) x 15 inches (D)

Weight 100 Kg each, 130 kg each for Signature version

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