Stenheim Alumine Two.Five

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2-Way Floor Standing Speaker

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The Stenheim Alumine Three series proved that it is possible to create a compact floor standing speaker system that was capable of exceptional scale and tonality. This style of speaker has been so successful with audiophile communities around the world that the question was asked if it was possible to build a new speaker that exhibited most of this level of performance at a budget that was more accessible to more people. Stenheim took this challenge seriously and during the Munich High End Show in 2023, unveiled the new Alumine Two.Five.

After experiencing the Two.Five, we feel that this speaker is destined for the same type of success as the larger Stenheim models however at this budget, it is an audiophile performance bargain!

Featuring a ported two-way topology that maintains all the advantages of the elegant simplicity of the Alumine Two’s proven design, its larger cabinet and double bass drivers ensure a greater extension that only the more expensive Alumine models have been able to provide. It can be driven by a wide range of amplification and is the ideal partner for even modestly powered amplifiers to deliver enthralling music for year after year with typical Stenheim clarity, detail and liveliness.

The Alumine Two.Five is small in stature but it sounds much bigger than it looks. Despite its compact dimensions, it embodies all of Stenheim’s fundamental design principles:

  • A bass-mid driver with a sophisticated, treated paper cone.
  • A fabric dome tweeter, carefully horn loaded for increased efficiency.
  • A high order, phase-coherent crossover to preserve the fragile but all-important temporal and spatial information in the stereo signal.
  • A thin-wall aluminium cabinet built with hidden fixings and golden ratio dimensions.
  • Low-volume damping materials to kill cabinet resonance and internal standing waves without killing musical dynamics.

Made in Switzerland with a classic timeless design aesthetic, it has a strong, understated appearance where it exudes quality and craftmanship. The fact that it has no visible rivets, screws or join lines adds to that presence and feeling of hand made heirloom quality. Stenheim are not interested in fleeting trends. They are interested in creating musically satisfying audiophile speakers that are built to last and above all, to rediscover your listening pleasure.

Product Specifications

Type Passive 2-way floor standing speaker
Construction Front bass-reflex design
Power Handling 125W RMS, 250W (peak)
Min. Recommended Amplifier 10W
Sensitivity 93 dB SPL/2.83V/1m (measured in a semi-reverberant room)
SPL Max 109dB
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Drivers 2 x 6.5-inch (17cm) woofers

1 x 1-inch (2.6cm) softdome tweeter

Crossover Passive 2-way crossover using audiophile grade components
Finishes Metallic Light or Dark Grey with black front and rear. Custom full Black, Ivory or Mocca finishes also available.
Floor Spikes Delivered with a set of precision mounting spikes
Warranty 5 Years
Dimensions 945mm (H) x 230mm (W) x 275mm (D)

37.2 inches (H) x 9 inches (W) x 10.8 inches (D)

Weight 45 Kg each