Koetsu Black (Goldline)

Stereo MC Phono Cartridge.

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The Koetsu Black, also known as the ‘Goldline’ is an extremely accomplished cartridge, known for its deep and wide soundstage, clarity and dynamically sparkling midrange. It has a full-bodied sound which makes it an excellent choice for all genres of music. The 10.8g Black moving coil has an anodised aluminium body with copper coil wiring, a Samarium Cobalt magnet and Boron cantilever.

In the 2015 publication ‘The Audiophile Man’, Paul Rigby describes the sound of the Koetsu Black:

“What the Koetsu Black does here is lift that veil entirely giving Fitzgerald a focus that allows her to convert her emotions and her fragility. This is a slightly aged Fitzgerald which is betrayed by the slightly uncontrolled vibrato. The Koetsu tracked this area well in addition to her softer, breathier words, as she softened her delivery. For many audiophiles, this one difference is justification enough to reach for the wallet. The search for musical insight, purity and truth.”

Koetsu Black owners often mention its clarity and musicality, describing how it ‘lifts a veil to the music’. Sounding effortless & natural with tonal richness, balance and subtlety, the Koetsu Black is great choice for those that want to enter the world of legendary Koetsu sound.


Product Specification

Body Anodized Aluminium
Type Moving Coil
Coil Wiring Copper
Magnet Samarium Cobalt
Cantilever Boron
Output Voltage 0.4 mV
Frequency Range 20Hz to 100kHz
Channel Separation 25db / 1kHz
Inner Impedance 5 Ohm
Channel Balance 0.5db / 1kHz
Recommended Impedance 30 Ohm
Weight 10.8g
Recommended Tracking Force 1.8 – 2.0g
Compliance 5 X 10-6cm / dyne at 100Hz
Recommended Load 80-1,000 ohms