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Statement Isolation Feet

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The AG Lifter Dulcet 20 H.P.C Brass Isolation Feet technology is the result of extensive research and experimentation in the field of resonance mitigation. Designed and engineered to be the ultimate level in audio isolation, the concept is to take the design of the standard Dulcet 20 to an extreme level.

This isolation foot incorporates billet brass CNC machined upper and lower components and a revised rubber centre section. The rubber manufacturing is carried out using a specific measured formulation in a staggered heat mould under 100 tons of pressure which produces an air-free component with two surfaces of differential hardness. This is a no expense spared high performance build – some raw materials are five times the cost of the standard foot. A clearer, tighter, more detailed sound, particularly midrange resolution, very natural tones and textures, sound staging is scaled to size and exhibits exceptional depth of field layering of the instruments, while retaining excellent bass response.

HPC (High Performance Coating): A specialised electroplated finish that is microns into the parent brass metal. It is very durable and provides a seamless connection to the upper Stainless-Steel bearing.

The Dulcet 19 H.P.C Brass Isolation Feet are included with the AG Lifter Apollo Modular isolation racks and can be used individually for audio components on furniture. The AG Lifter Dulcet 19 H.P.C. Brass Isolation feet come with a limited 5 year warranty.

Introducing these into your system is equivalent to a significant component upgrade. Why did AG Lifter create this product when the standard Dulcet 20 is so good? Simply because it facilitates even more music!


Each AG Lifter Dulcet Isolation Foot is comprised of the following five components that are assembled by hand in order to make a great isolation device.

  1. The Bearing: The stainless steel 316 bearing is sourced from Japan and has been chosen for its live nature and open sound stage. Many different bearing materials were tested during the design phase.
  2. The Top Section: Billet brass has been chosen for the premium AG Lifter Dulcet HPC Isolation Foot as brass has been determined to be the ultimate metal for its dampening properties. HPC (High Performance Coating): A specialised electroplated finish that is microns into the parent brass metal. It is very durable and provides a seamless connection to the upper Stainless-Steel bearing.
  3. The Centre Section: This is the most technical section of the AG Lifter Dulcet Isolation Foot, with months of research and development having been invested in this area. Testing proved that hardness and dimensionality alone are not perfect characteristics for the dampening material. A Nitrile-moulded section was finally developed, with the formulation being proprietary to AG Lifter. The formulation, heat application, curing time and pressure are all carefully documented and repeated every time that batches are manufactured, thus ensuring a consistent high-quality product. Urethane was considered, however its life span over time in UV light was unacceptable.
  4. The Bottom Section: The bottom section the AG Lifter Dulcet Isolation Foot is manufactured from the same material as the top section and changes depending on the particular Dulcet model. A stainless steel 304 tensioning screw is included which is factory-tensioned and does not require any further tensioning by the user. The thread in the bottom section base also allows for a longer set screw to be used for fitment to the AG Lifter Crescendo and AG Lifter Euphonious audio racks (for upgrade options). Spare screws are provided for dealers to set up racks for clients.

Why do isolation devices improve sound quality?

The presence of vibrations of various frequencies, also known as ‘resonance’ or ‘harmonics’, can be very harmful to the performance of audio components. In a music system, resonance can be ground-borne (be transmitted into the system up from the floor), air-borne (be transmitted into the system from the air surrounding the system) or originate from the actual audio equipment. Factors such as transformers, power supplies and electronic components resonate at various frequencies and these vibrations spread throughout the component internally and then out to the rack and through the rest of the system, mixing with vibrations caused by other pieces of equipment.

The performance of audio components are affected by these vibrations and in some cases they micro-phonically pick up these frequencies and repeat them, causing reverberations. The presence of resonances in a music system can result in a higher noise floor, ghosting effect, low level hum, a smearing, or lack of clarity of sound, blurriness or hard, glassy edge to your music. Isolation devices mitigate these resonances, thus allowing the equipment to operate the way it was designed and to perform optimally.

What are the effects of adding the Dulcet 20 HPC Brass Isolation Feet to your music system?

  • The sound becomes tonally correct and with increased weight, scale and authority.
  • Sound stage height, width and depth is expanded.
  • Quieter background, lower noise floor.
  • Imaging improves and the sonic presentation ‘snaps’ into focus.
  • A deeper, tighter bass performance with increased definition.
  • More ‘organic’, or natural textures.
  • An increase in detail across all frequencies.

Product Specifications

Designation Statement Small Isolation Feet.
Height 39mm.
Weight capacity Up to 40kg.
Isolation Technologies Billet Brass CNC Machined Componentry.
A specialised electroplated finish that is microns into the parent brass metal with UV additives.
Custom Formulated, UV Resistant, natural nitrile rubber isolation.
Stainless Steel 316 bearing.
Warranty 5 years.

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