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Statement 2,3 or 4 Shelf Isolation Rack

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The AG Lifter Apollo Isolation Rack is the statement model that redefines the reproduction of music in your space, by implementing well engineered mechanical isolation. The AG Lifter Apollo Isolation modules incorporate all the technologies from the development of current isolation products by AG Lifter. A larger frame has been developed, allowing wider settings to improve scale of soundstage, depth of bass and cohesiveness. Implementing the AG Lifter Apollo Isolation Rack in your system will result in a sense and feeling of upgrading of all your audio components.

AG Lifter ‘H-Frames’ are standard on all Apollo finished modules, tensioning the framework for a clearer and highly focused sound. The H-Frame in addition allows the user to order a top shelf specifically designed to suit turntables or electronics. The modular design allows the user to layer and then wire-up their audio components making it easier to assemble to a finished listening stage. This modular build concept allows the user to stack modules or place modules next to one another to suit all rooms.

Like the AG Lifter Crescendo Isolation Rack the AG Lifter Apollo Isolation Rack encompasses several layers of Isolation starting from the ground using the AG Lifter Brass HPC (high performance coating) Dulcet 20 Isolation Feet, each module is then decoupled utilising Stainless Steel bearings, housed in a billet brass HPC machined cap, which is pressed into the vertical custom extrusion. Each acrylic shelf is upgraded to 20mm thick then isolated using the AG Lifter Brass HPC Dulcet 19 Isolation Feet. The AG Lifter Brass HPC Dulcet 19 Isolation Feet are distance settable (width and depth) for fine tuning. The Brass HPC componentry delivers greater clarity and a lower noise floor.

The frame is a custom designed anodized aluminium extrusion (ISO 9001) with Brass HPC billet caps, the caps dampen the extrusion. The custom extrusion is designed and owned by AG Lifter, and carries a patent covered by our New Zealand Aluminium Supplier. The end specialist extrusion is born from extensive research and development, using different profiles. A proprietary fastener is used to further apply tension to the extrusion resulting in a frame dampened enough, but live enough to provide an exciting sound. Frame finishes are available in Black and Silver, including capping finishes to suit the frame. The Apollo’s elegant design is aesthetically pleasing, making your listening environment look spacious and contemporary.

We encourage you to do this simple test. Listen to your system on your current rack then listen to it on the Apollo. Most people that have experienced this have been shocked by the improvement in sound quality, commenting that the upgrade in sound was of a greater magnitude than a major amplifier upgrade.

A great rack is one of the best investments you can make in your system. Minimising the propagation of resonant energies from component to component allows each part of the system to perform at its optimum level and the system to come to life. The noise level drops, the music snaps into focus and you experience all the detail & flow within the music. The Nirvana Sound team is often asked to trial many brands of racks and isolation products. We selected AG Lifter because they perform at the highest level, are based on solid scientific principles and offer a lifetime warranty on the frame. Superb!

What is the effect of introducing isolation devices to a system?

The addition of an AG Lifter Apollo Rack can have the following effects on a system:

  • The sound becomes tonally correct and with increased weight, scale and authority.
  • Sound stage height, width and depth is expanded.
  • Quieter background, lower noise floor.
  • Imaging improves and the sonic presentation ‘snaps’ into focus.
  • A deeper, tighter bass performance with increased definition.
  • More ‘organic’, or natural textures.
  • An increase in detail across all frequencies.


Product Specifications

Number of Shelves 2-4
Isolation Technologies Ground isolation via 4 x Dulcet 20 HPC Isolation Feet.
Each module is isolated via 4 x Dulcet 19 HPC Isolation Feet and decoupled using Stainless Steel bearings.
Shelf Material Acrylic (20mm thick).
Frame Material Custom designed anodized aluminium extrusion (ISO 9001) with polished and anodized custom billet caps (Patented).
Module Dimensions Rack allows 240mm max for equipment as standard, custom height is available as a special order.
Overall Dimensions 600mm (W) x 600mm (D).
Custom dimensions can be ordered.
Finishes Black or Silver
Warranty Lifetime Warranty on the frame only


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