Supatrac Blackbird Farpoint 9

SUPA Bearing Type 9 inch Carbon Fibre Tonearm

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The Supatrac Blackbird Farpoint represents the greatest innovation in tonearm design for many years. However, all of the discussion about it’s design would be mere intellectual musing if it wasn’t for the fact that this innovation has resulted in astounding sonics. Not only is it being compared to elite level uber expensive designs, this arm is replacing them as the arm of choice in many reference systems around the world. It is proof that you can get class defining performance without needing to mortgage your home.

The ‘SUPA’ in SUPATRAC stands for the patented Sideways UniPivot Arm. All pivoted arms have certain challenges, the main one being that as the record pulls the tonearm forward, the tonearm moves backwards and forwards across the pivot point which affects the accuracy of the sound in the time domain. The Supatrac arm’s special bearing design directly opposes stylus drag at a single point of contact, eliminating microscopic play in the time axis and avoiding the scrubbing and roll movements which can degrade the performance of conventional uni-pivots and actually… all pivoted arms. The Blackbird’s SUPA bearing delivers unprecedented performance which gives the music a planted, solid, detailed, consistent sound. Due to its design, when the tonearm encounters a warped record, instead of being knocked out of the groove, the tonearm exerts a downward motion, keeping the styles tracking perfectly. This unprecedented tracking ability is part of the sonic magic that the Blackbird delivers.

Recently, Michael Fremer discovered and reviewed this tonearm (below) and had the same challenge we had. How do you communicate what a wonderful achievement this tonearm represents without introducing exaggerations and hyperbole? Let’s just say that we encourage you to audition a Supatrac Blackbird Farpoint with an open mind and see if you can stop thinking about it afterwards 😊

A revelation that is slowly revealing itself to the world!


Product Specifications

Type Sideways Unipivot Tonearm
Internal Wiring 30/0.04mm silk-covered copper litz
Armband Material Carbon Fibre
Arm Cable Connection Straight or right angled DIN connectors
Effective Mass 10g
Warranty 5 years conditional