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The Stage III Concepts A.S.P. Reference Medusa sets a new standard in amplification/speaker interface technology and apart from the Stage III Cerberus, is the only speaker cable in the world using vacuum as a dielectric. A vacuum is the ultimate electrical insulator, always superior to “inert” gases (Tubes containing conductors are never filled with Nitrogen or Helium for good reason). A multitude of unique technologies have been incorporated into this cable to virtually eliminate distortions of any kind, but special attention has been paid to mechanical damping of the highest level.

Sharing unique technologies only with the Cerberus, the A.S.P. MEDUSA uses ferrite, ceramic and high density alloy granules to provide an almost perfect combination of shielding and mechanical, anti-resonance damping. The combined granulated materials make the cables extremely heavy, so equipment height and placement must be taken into consideration. A layer for H.D.A. (High Density Alloy) foil, as well as plated, braided copper add additional layers of EMI/RF protection offering an unprecedented level of sonic purity and an utterly black, empty silence.

New conductor cross-section and geometry offer marked improvements in precision and realism over our previous speaker cable designs. Our unique palladium/silver alloy ribbon conductors deliver pinpoint accuracy with defined sonic layers in a natural, wide and palpable soundstage. The extreme gauge of the combined conductors maintains a very low resistance resulting the most impactful low frequency performance your equipment is capable of.

The A.S.P. MEDUSA are without a doubt the most resolving, neutrally accurate speaker cables you can buy without investing in the extreme Cerberus range. Users describe them as ‘not being there’, meaning there is a total absence of any sonic fingerprint from a cable. This is the highest compliment that can be bestowed on an audio cable. The A.S.P. Medusa is designed to complement and improve the most exacting and demanding audio equipment available. Experience them for yourself, you will be astonished!


Stage III Medusa Architecture

Product Specification

Conductors 8 expanded cross-section (7AWG total) cryo-treated, custom slow-extruded silver/palladium AeroStrandUltra™ ribbon conductors per channel.
Configuration 2 x 4 conductors in a dual, quad-helix configuration.
Air Tubes Vacuum dielectric; Nylon and FEP Teflon inner core drawn to 675mm.Hg. H.D.A.(High Density Alloy) 100% radiation invulnerable shield. Plus silver plated copper braid with 4 individually shielded conductor groups.
Outer Shield Multi-layer construction with ferrite, ceramic and high density alloy granules for enhanced mechanical damping/shielding layer. Custom, hand made, proprietary nylon fiber filled polymer + woven carbon fiber housings.
Connectors Exclusive variable-size, high-current solid silver spades as standard termination. Dual cryo-treatment.