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The quality of power and how that power is delivered to the various power supplies of your source and amplification components has a significant bearing on the sound of your audio system. The quality of the power is just as important as the quality and integrity of the musical signal. If the power has picked up interference or harmonic content, noise will be introduced to your system. If the power is not delivered in a way where it is instantaneously useful, the system will sound lifeless during dynamic transients. The conductor composition & geometry, the dielectric & eddy current propagation affects the tonality and colouration of the sound. Power cables are therefore the critical foundation of any audio system.

Located in California, Audience is a highly respected electronics company whose objective is to build the finest possible high performance audio components. They are not another “me too” manufacturer. Audience is a leader and trend setter in its unique approach to product design, execution and craftsmanship. Audience is also respected for its business integrity and dedication to its customers. Every employee at Audience strives to improve and push the limits of technology while embracing the human element in all that they do.

At the best recording studios in the world, Studio ONE is the biggest and best sounding room in the building. Studio ONE is where musicians go to create magic, to dig deep and bring forth their dreams. For those who dream of getting closer to their music, Audience proudly offer you Studio ONE. Built with high quality materials and premium geometry, Studio ONE digs deeper into every recording, allowing you to hear more of what the artist intended. Studio ONE delivers near holographic focus, with imaging that is deep, wide and well-defined. Rhythm and pacing are superb, with noticeably superior transient capabilities. What truly sets Studio ONE apart from its lesser siblings is its tonal purity and dynamics; Studio ONE has a realism and clarity that’s much more in-line with their higher-end models. Much of this has to do with the way the Studio ONE is built.

The MP refers to ‘Medium Power’ and is well suited to source & preamplifier applications. Studio ONE receives our Extreme High Voltage Process (EHVP), a proprietary process which drives very high voltages (approximately 800,000V), through the cables doing a more thorough and complete job of burn-in than would otherwise be achievable. The largest benefits of the EHVP process are improved dynamics, coherence, tonal purity, and smoothness. Like all Audience cables, Studio ONE is directional and a low-mass design. Heavy jacketing materials and heavy connectors are avoided as mass tends to absorb energy and dulls the sound. This lack of extra weight gives Studio ONE their refreshingly open and honest tonal character.

Audience Studio ONE cables are wonderful value and as far as we are concerned, a ‘no-brainer’ investment in giving your system solid foundations from which the music can breathe, flow and engage your soul.