RD Acoustic Hybrid Diffuser A

Circle Absorption Pattern

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Room acoustics relates to how sound interacts with a physical space and is a critical aspect to achieving great sound quality from your music system. The way a room sounds and feels depends a lot on the room’s size, shape and the specific acoustic properties of the materials in the room. Every listening space has its own unique sound signature, something called an “acoustic profile.”

Sound waves in a room are either reflected or absorbed, depending on the structure and materials which they strike. The waves reflect off flat, smooth surfaces like walls, windows or glass tables. On the other hand, they are absorbed by soft, porous surfaces like fabric curtains, carpets, sofas or panels. Managing your room acoustics involves gaining an understanding of how the sound waves from your system are interacting with the room and then adding or taking away reflective or absorbent surfaces to achieve a natural sound.

The duration of reverberation is the main acoustic parameter of a closed space. It is quite easily measurable and it should fall within the range of 0.2 to 0.5 seconds. A space that is overly damped can feel oppressive and music can sound ‘lifeless’. Conversely, in a space with no damping at all, one can hear considerable echo. Playing music in spaces with not enough damping results in a loss of clarity, resolution and a confusing soundscape.

If you wish to optimise the performance of your sound system, it is vital that you consider the acoustic qualities of your listening space. Experienced audiophiles all agree that the very best speakers will not be able to achieve great results in spaces with poor acoustic conditions.

RD Acoustic have developed a unique hybrid acoustic diffuser which improves room acoustics. It dampens reflected acoustic waves in one plane and evenly diffuses them in the other. The front exposed side of the diffuser is made up of acoustic segments, which together create a deep diffusion pattern. The pattern is set in a real oak frame. On their front side, the segments are complemented by a thin layer of oak wood, treated and conserved with natural oil and wax.

The diffuser can be placed on the front wall of the listening room between the speakers, on the back wall behind the listening position or symmetrically on the side walls. The placement can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the unwanted resonance frequencies that you wish to suppress. Placing the hybrid diffuser horizontally (the acoustic segments are placed horizontally) dampens acoustic waves reflected from the ceiling and floor. With vertical placement (acoustic segments placed vertically), the diffuser primarily dampens waves reflected from walls.

After conducting significant research and development in this field, RD Acoustics incorporated a circular diffusion pattern and designed two versions of the hybrid diffuser. The ‘D’ version has a greater diffusion efficiency and is available in 3 dispersion patterns. The ‘A’ version has a greater absorption efficiency and is also available in 3 dispersion patterns.

The RD Acoustic Hybrid Diffuser range of panels are at the forefront of the acoustic treatment of listening spaces. Backed by scientific research and constructed with rare craftmanship, these panels are highly recommended to transform your listening space and to optimise the investment made in your music system.

Panels can be manufactured to custom dimensions and finishes.
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RD Acoustic Hybrid Diffuser CGA Dispersion Pattern 1

Dispersion Pattern 1

RD Acoustic Hybrid Diffuser CGA Dispersion Pattern 2

Dispersion Pattern 2

RD Acoustic Hybrid Diffuser CGA Dispersion Pattern 3

Dispersion Pattern 3

Product Specification

Type Hybrid Diffuser Version A
Design Circle pattern with greater absorption efficiency
Standard panel size 1m x 1m
Front absorptive area 1.161 m2
Front reflective area 1.42 m2
Height 103cm
Width 104cm
Depth 17cm
Weight 15kg
Other sizes available 2m x 1m
3m x 2m
Custom sizing