Wilson Benesch Resolution 3Zero

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Fibonacci Series 2-Way Electric, 4-Way acoustic, Floor Standing Speaker

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The Wilson Benesch Resolution 3Zero is a formidable loudspeaker because of its ability to create a sonic landscape that feels real, palpable and immersive. Drawing on the DNA of the A.C.T.3Zero and Endeavour 3Zero, the Resolution 3Zero deploys technologies such as the Isobaric Drive System, the acoustic centring of the tweeter and midrange drivers, and a sculptured curved sloping carbon composite top and the A.C.T. 3Zero biocomposite Monocoque – but it places this technology in a full range floor standing enclosure. The results are superlative!

The new Tactic 3.0 drive units are constructed from Isotactic Polypropylene and the Fibonacci Tweeter is a Silk Carbon Hybrid design – both taken from the flagship Eminence loudspeaker! The choice of materials within the membrane of the drive technology is critical to the character of the Resolution 3Zero, providing an intelligently considered balance of stiffness and damping characteristics. This reference loudspeaker is capable of producing a wide bandwidth frequency response whilst remaining transparent and integrated across the band, suspending belief and allowing the sonic image to appear within a wide-open soundscape.

Resolution 3Zero is a high-octane listening experience – capable of delivering impressive drive, power and scale, whilst also retaining complete composure thanks to the Wilson Benesch drive technologies and the A.C.T. 3Zero biocomposite monocoque. But whilst the Resolution 3Zero is capable of sonic acrobatics, it is also (as its name would suggest) capable of resolving micro harmonics and delicate passages within the recorded arts – performing a disappearing act within the soundstage – such that the listener is always at one with the music and the artist. The foundation of everything is the perfectly integrated bass delivery. In this respect, the Resolution 3Zero deploys two Isobaric Drive Systems, plus a low-bass driver at the top of its enclosure. The step response of the Isobaric Drive System matches that of the midrange drive units, ensuring perfect phase coherence across the frequency band.

Placed directly at the centre of the Resolution 3Zero, the Tactic 3.0 midrange together with the Fibonacci Tweeter directly above it, forms the acoustic centre. As with the A.C.T. 3Zero, the Tactic 3.0 midrange drive unit is acoustically rolled-off with no crossover within its signal path to the amplifier, this optimises the performance through this critical frequency band allowing the midrange drive unit to deliver a perfectly natural midrange presentation. Every Fibonacci Series loudspeaker is handmade to order. The sculptured carbon fibre top and carbon fibre enclosure combines with an aerospace Silk Black baffle and foot. The Resolution 3Zero can be engineered, with a range of bespoke paint finishes, stunning natural wood veneers and P1 coloured carbon fibre finishes to give the loudspeaker an identity unique to its owner.

Beyond the stunning craftmanship and technology is the real value of the Resolutions – their performance as a reference loudspeaker system. Some audiophiles talk about the phenomena of the ‘momentary suspension of disbelief’, meaning a moment when you are listening to music and you forget that you are listening to a system and you feel totally engaged with the music, as if you were at a live event. Others call it a ‘letting go’. For a system to achieve this level of believability, it needs to present the music in a way that your mind moves away from the awareness of your body and gets immersed in the music. Partnered with the appropriate source & electronics, the Resolutions enable these experiences. Delivering power with absolute control and finesse, the Resolution 3Zero is a work of art visually and sonically.

Wilson Benesch Resolution 3Zero


Bio-composite Monocoque Cabinet (‘Bio-Carbon’)

The new A.C.T. 3Zero bio-composite Monocoque is superior to its predecessor both in terms of damping and stiffness by orders of magnitude. Furthermore, it features a variety of natural materials that are derived from sustainable and renewable sources, realising Wilson Benesch’s goal to create more natural, renewable and sustainable materials technologies. In terms of acoustic performance, there is simply no other cabinet material used in speaker production today that comes close to this revolutionary material. All data is verified and measured through Wilson Benesch’s academic partner in the SSUCHY Project, the FEMTO Institute in Besancon France.

Advanced Cabinet Design

Further to the bio-composite material, the cabinet’s curved form is a result of significant research. The geometric form of the cabinet negates standing waves by reducing the number of flat surfaces on the loudspeaker external surface area. Therefore, any sound waves in the listening space that interact with the surface of the A.C.T. Monocoque are diffracted across a wide angle and thus diminished. As a result, such distortions are impossible for the ear to detect, allowing the loudspeaker to disappear within the listening space. This acoustic ‘stealth’ quality of the loudspeaker creates a wide open and life like soundstage.

Tactic 3.0 Drive Unit

The structure at the centre of the diaphragm plays a critical role in the behaviour of the drive unit. In the Tactic 3.0 driver, Wilson Benesch added the Fibonacci Element. Produced in house using additive manufacturing technology, the Fibonacci Element can be printed according to pre-designed parameters. Such is the precision of the additive manufacturing software, that the Wilson Benesch design team can see in cross-section and design three-dimensionally the optimal layup of carbon fibre and nylon, defining both stiffness and weight across the structure. The result is a new geometrical form that is comprised of a double curvature with both open and closed aspects in the form of a lattice structure again borrowed from natural geometry. 5 different materials and adhesives provide significant improvements in both the accuracy of the frequency response and the reduction of distortion. This is a critical aspect of the relationship between the drive unit and its ability to integrate with the roll-off of the tweeter and bass drive units. In the past, several materials have been drawn upon to enable the fine-tuning of this marriage. Additive Manufacturing has opened up a new chapter in the pursuit of this subtle but extremely important aspect of loudspeaker design. For the first time, the principal aspects of this structure can all be adjusted in a way that was previously impossible.

Fibonacci Silk-Carbon Hybridised Tweeter

The latest iteration of Wilson Benesch tweeter technology builds upon the Semisphere tweeter design pushing it into the next generation. As with all Wilson Benesch designs, the advances of the previous generation are built upon an iterative research and development pathway. With the Fibonacci tweeter, advances have been made within the structures adjacent to the motor and the hybridised dome. The Fibonacci tweeter faceplate is formed from a carbon fibre – nylon composite structure creating a geometrically optimised structure – the Fibonacci Element – that has been inspired by sacred geometry found in nature. In terms of acoustic performance, the faceplate delivers a new benchmark in terms of flat frequency response and ultrawide dispersion. In addition, the Fibonacci Element is decoupled from the motor and tweeter chassis which almost entirely eliminates structural borne resonance within this critical structure that surrounds the tweeter dome.

Isobaric Drive System

The principal low-frequency load of all loudspeakers in the Fibonacci Series is delivered by the Isobaric Drive System. Here two Tactic 3.0 Drive Units combine to create an Isobaric Drive System which is responsible for reproducing an incredibly tight and controlled bass response that is perfectly integrated with all other woofers in the loudspeaker chassis, particularly the midrange Tactic 3.0 drive unit. This system is faster and exhibits far less distortion than the large bass drive units often used by speaker manufacturers.

Direct Midrange Drive Unit Coupling

Wilson Benesch started development of its own drive unit diaphragms, including those made from a carbon fibre/epoxy matrix in 1995. Research was conducted using alternative hard dome materials. Without exception, Isotactic Polypropylene was favoured for its natural sound and the ability of this material to absorb energy and avoiding complex breakup modes in the diaphragm. This critical material characteristic allows the Wilson Benesch design team to achieve mechanically and acoustically what would otherwise be implemented in complex crossover designs with a series of inductors and capacitors. This reductive approach to crossover design maintains phase, linearity and the degree of control over manufacturing and design of both the drive unit specifications and the enclosure air volume allows Wilson Benesch to eliminate all crossover components in the midrange drive units of most Fibonacci Series models running the drive unit directly amplifier coupled.

High Precision Inductors

The sound quality of a loudspeaker depends upon the quality of the components in the critical signal path. Wilson Benesch incorporate high precision, high packing ratio, Rocksolid, air core inductors in this application as well as computer controlled high precision wound inductors manufactured in-house.

Engineered for you

Every Wilson Benesch loudspeaker is hand built for you. In addition to their standard finish, they offer a range of Premium Natural Wood Veneers, Premium P1 Carbon Fibre and Premium Paint Finishes. Want to create something unique? Contact Nirvana Sound to create something truly unique to you. This level of individualisation just adds that something special to the ownership experience of these premium pieces.



ALFIE 'Best in Show' Award 2017 - Los Angeles Audio Societythe absolute sound Golden Ear Award 2018



Wilson Benesch Resolution Diagram Front


Wilson Benesch Resolution Diagram Side


Wilson Benesch Resolution Diagram Back


Product Specification

Type 2-way Electric, 4-Way Acoustic Floor Standing Loudspeaker
Measurements Impedance: 6 Ohms Nominal / 3 Ohms Minimal
Sensitivity: 90dB @ 1-Meter on axis, 2.83V Input
Frequency Response: 30Hz – 30kHz +/- 2dB
Drive Technology Tweeter: 1x 25mm (1”) Wilson Benesch Fibonacci Hybrid Silk-Carbon Tweeter
Midrange: 1x 170mm(7″) Wilson Benesch Tactic 3.0
Low Bass: 1x 170mm(7″) Wilson Benesch Tactic 3.0
Isobaric Drive System 1: 2x 170mm (7”) Wilson Benesch Tactic 3.0 in Clamshell Formation
Isobaric Drive System 2: 2x 170mm (7”) Wilson Benesch Tactic 3.0 in Clamshell Formation
Crossover Technology Tweeter: Second-Order, 5kHz High Pass Filter
Midrange: Directly Amplifier Coupled
Low Bass: First-Order
Isobaric Drive System 1: First-Order 500Hz Low Pass Filter
Isobaric Drive System: First-Order 500Hz Low Pass Filter
Enclosure Technology Materials: A.C.T. 3Zero – Advanced Bio-composite Monocoque Technology, Poly-Alloy, Hybridised Construction
Tweeter: Labyrinth Sealed Tweeter Backplate
Midrange: Reflex Port Tuned with Laminar Flow Guide
Low Bass: Infinite Baffle Sealed Enclosure
Isobaric Enclosure: Bass Reflex Port Tuned Underside of Enclosure
  • Standard – Textured Black
  • Premium Natural Wood Veneer
  • Premium Paint Finishes
  • Premium P1 Carbon Fibre Finishes
  • Isobaric Drive System Finishes

(Contact Nirvana Sound for options)

Dimensions Height: 1,558mm (61.34”)
Width: 191mm (7.5”) Baffle // 519mm (20.43”) Widest Point of the Foot
Depth: 505mm (19.88”)
Weight 98kg (216lbs)
Terminations Bi-wirable terminal located on the loudspeaker foot at ground level

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