WallyTools WallySkater v2.1

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Anti-skating Force Measurement Device

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WAM Engineering has been advancing turntable setup since 1994 and many of their tools are the only ones made of their type anywhere in the world. They are passionate about helping you to apply the mathematics, geometry and physics behind vinyl playback to allow you to START FROM CERTAINTY on your analog setup.

The WallySkater exists to make sure the effort you have put into the proper alignment of your cartridge isn’t ruined by your tonearm. It is the only device that can accurately measure tonearm horizontal forces (including anti-skate force) and is used to assess the health of your tonearm bearing & mechanical resistance from tonearm wiring.

Use the WallySkater BEFORE aligning your stylus/cantilever to confirm tonearm is not influencing cantilever angle. This is a good test to make on your tonearm periodically to ensure bearing health remains stable and routing of tonearm wires does not shift to influence tonearm behavior. Use the WallySkater again to apply proper anti-skating force before measuring for ideal azimuth angle of your cartridge.

​Proper setting of anti-skating is essential to the alignment of the stylus within the groove, maintaining of even compression on the cartridge suspension system and to the preservation of both the stylus and the record grooves. Be CERTAIN you have your anti-skating set correctly.

The WallySkater Pro Assembly

The WallySkater Pro assembly is for frequent WallySkater users or for those less confident in their own dexterity. Change height of stylus above the platter with much greater ease and safety. Can be used on tonearms with or without finger lifts. The WallySkater Pro assembly is available as an upgrade to your existing WallySkater or can be purchased as an entire WallySkater Pro kit. This is a very helpful option and we welcome you to Contact Nirvana Sound for further details.


Introducing the WallySkater Pro

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