Stenheim Reference Ultime Two

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Reference Floor Standing Speaker

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The Ultime Series is an opportunity to move the Stenheim sound into that absolute reference sphere, where a music enthusiast is making a substantial investment in the pursuit of excellence on many levels.

The types of systems are usually situated in larger rooms or listening spaces and generally speaking, need to move more air, so more drivers and greater frequency extension and projection is the objective.

We refer to them as ‘Alumines on steroids’ however that is a humorous oversimplification, as the Ultime series have even greater levels of attention to detail paid in almost all aspects of their design.

Key to their performance is their ability to create a three-dimensionality to the sound. To achieve this, they need to communicate both more detail and in the right time domain. They need to be extremely accurate and at the same time convey the physical energy of a performance. Another key is to be able to create a larger soundstage in width, height and depth.

The Ultime Three will enthral listeners with its exceptional musicality, vibrantly, ‘aliveness’ and natural soundstage. Then there is its flawless rendering of any genre of music, along with impressive sound levels from the deepest bass to the highest notes. The Reference Ultime Three is also distinct in its exceptional ease-of-use, thanks to remote operation of the MTM couple (medium tweeter) diffusion angle. It also adapts to all amplification systems and rooms, thanks to a medium-bass frequency filter included in a separate housing unit that inserts between the pre-amps and the amps (minimum 2, 1 for passive version and up to 6 amps per speaker for active version).

If you are one of those fortunate souls who has decided to create a system that can bring to life a recorded performance as if it was happening right now in your living room, you will need some serious speakers and what you have here ladies and gentleman… is a VERY serious speaker system. Go on this journey and you will never look back.


Product Specifications

Type Reference loudspeakers with 8 transducers in full d’Appolito configuration
Construction Massive aluminium cabinet with 6 independent closed chambers (no ports)
Options Motorized angle deviation of the MTM section
Frequency Response 15Hz – 100kHz
Power Handling Bass section: 1400 W RMS

Medium-tweeter section: 250 W RMS (active version)

Sensitivity min 96dB SPL/2.83V/1m (active version)
Drivers 4 x 32cm high excursion woofers

2 x 17cm neodimium midrange drivers

1 x neodimium tweeter

1 x ribbon super tweeter

Crossover Passive-active 4 ways, with active or passive analogue crossover for the bass section.

3 ways passive crossover for the mid-high-superhigh sections.

Active or passive crossover for the “bass” section.

Version active with 1 stereo active analogue 2 ways crossover.

Version full passive with 2 mono passive external crossovers.

Connection Options Connection with 2 stereo or 4 mono separate amplifiers (1 stereo or 2 mono for passive version)
Finishes Light shiny Grey, Dark shiny grey, Full Black, Wood veneer or Leather veneer, Special finishes on demand
Warranty 5 Years
Dimensions 1,670mm (H) x 370mm (W) x 560mm (D)

65.7 inches (H) x 14.5 inches (W) x 22 inches (D)

Weight 240 Kg each