Stage III Concepts Cerberus Speaker Jumpers

Silver / Palladium Conductors

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If your speakers are bi-wireable but you are not using bi-wire speaker cables, quality speaker jumpers can make a dramatic sonic improvement. The jumpers provided with most speakers can actually limit full performance.

Cerberus speaker jumpers employ 12 cryrogenically treated silver/palladium AeroStrand Ultra™ ribbon conductors per cable. The also feature FEP Teflon air-tubes, HDA (High Density Alloy), 100% radiation impervious internal foil shield and ASPIS™ multi-layer shield (Silver plated copper woven with conductive carbonized nylon). They are terminated with exclusive cryrogenically treated Hyperion silver/rhodium/copper spades (or) silver-plated pure copper bananas which have been engineered to handle extremely high currents.