Stage III Concepts Analord Master

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Statement Silver/Palladium Phono Cables

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The Stage III Concepts Analord Master is an all-out assault on state of the art cable design that completely transforms the performance of an analogue system. They are designed exclusively to handle low level analog signals such as the micro-volt outputs of MM/MC cartridges. The extremely slight and fragile properties of these types of signals are often not transmitted adequately and can easily be distorted by standard line-level interconnects. Carefully designed conductor, dielectric and geometry parameters are essential in protecting delicate signal integrity; preserving and accurately conveying all the musical information retrieved by today’s analytical and revealing phono cartridges. AeroStrand conductors are ideal for this application.

Analord Master series tonearm cables are literally an extension of your tonearm’s headshell leads; the AeroStrand conductors become one with those of your tonearm all the way through to your phono preamp. This, in conjunction with our advanced shielding technology, results in micro-dynamics, transparency and silence like you’ve never heard. Analord Prime cables provide all the additional performance benefits of the A.S.P. Reference line, thanks to the use of AeroStrand Ultra conductors, 4 layer shielding with H.D.A foil, and a granulated shielding/damping layer. Incorporating extreme technologies like individually shielded conductors in a vacuum dielectric, users have described the Analord Master as sounding like “the preamplifier is directly connected to the record groove”. If you have invested in a reference standard analogue system, the Analord Master is highly recommended if you want to hear the full potential of your system. Available in RCA, XLR or 5-pin DIN versions.


Stage III Analord Master Architecture

Product Specification

Conductors 4 x Cryo-treated, custom slow-extruded Silver/Palladium AeroStrand Ultra ribbon conductors
Configuration Twisted Helix configuration
Air Tubes Vacuum dielectric; Nylon and FEP Teflon inner core drawn to 675mm HG.
Outer Shield Individually shielded conductors + H.D.A. 100% radiation invulnerable shield. Multi-layer construction with ferrite, ceramic and high density alloy granules for enhanced mechanical damping/shielding.
Connectors Cryo-treated Hyperion silver RCA or XLR connectors with ceramic-infused polymer insulators + custom straight or right angle DIN plugs.