Sculpture A A.4P

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Stereo MC Low Output Phono Cartridge

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Sculpture A cartridges were born from a desire to adapt modern tip profiles to a classic Denon 103 generator. Although it retains very few parts from the original unit, the original Alnico magnets still prevail. A new dual structure body was developed which allows damping and shielding of the generator from both internal and external vibrations. This new structure also helps achieve specific stylus tracking angles for each of the different diamond tip profiles Sculpture A use. Each of the tip profiles has its advantages and sonic benefits, allowing you to choose the specific presentation that suits your taste and synergises best with the rest of your system.

The A .4 series aims to achieve the highest possible performance by incorporating hand wound copper or silver coils for impedances over ten times lower than that of the original Denon DL-103. It is the lowest impedance cross-coil design with AlNiCo magnet available today and this just one of the reasons why it sounds so vivid and natural.

The A.4M uses a Shanked PA Ogura tip profile, a boron cantilever and is a low output design, meaning that it needs to be mated with a corresponding Sculpture A Mini Nano step-up transformer to boost the signal strength. Note that for the audiophile purist, there are some advantages to the low output cartridge designs as they pick up more information and have a more refined, sophisticated sound.

The stylus shank is the piece that connects the tip to the cantilever. Accurate cartridge alignment had a lot to do with the shank and this tip profile is designed for optimum alignment and tracking performance. A round shank can be more difficult to align when it is affixed to the cantilever. Proper alignment is needed in order to position the stylus tip precisely in the record groove. In a bonded (or jointed) stylus a diamond tip is glued on a metal shank that is itself glued into the hole of the cantilever. While less expensive to manufacture, this construction may increase the mass of the overall tip and affect transient response compared with a nude stylus where the tip and shank are constructed from a single piece of diamond.

The Shanked PA Ogura tip is shaped from whole diamonds. It is more costly than bonded styli but because of their lower mass, this tip design tracks more accurately. Also, due to the fact that its longest-wearing face touches the record surface, it lasts significantly longer than other designs.

The sound is smooth, sweet with more detail and amazing high frequency extension. More delicacy yet more dynamic contrast, improved frequency response and lower distortion. It extracts more information from the grooves and presents it to you in a realistic sonic landscape that is mesmerizing in its beauty, realism and naturalness. This is a full sensory absorption experience. See you on the other side…

Product Specification

Type Stereo MC Cartridge
Body Vaporised and impregnated wood
Cantilever Boron
Output Voltage 0.1mV@5cm/s
Impedance 5.65 Ohms
Tip Profile Shanked PA Ogura