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The Reed Muse 3C is the result of more than three years of idea crunching and countless man hours of designing, prototyping, programming and listening. Created by one of the most talented analogue designers of this generation, the Muse 3C is also an engineering tour-de-force with multiple innovations that make it an attractive proposition for a music enthusiast looking for an end-game turntable.

To begin with, it has been designed with two DC motors that can function in a rim-drive configuration (like the famous Garrard) or a twin belt drive configuration. It takes just 5 minutes to convert from one configuration to the other. This is a unique feature in turntable design and gives you the option to choose according to how you like your sound.

Another world first is the introduction of a reverse sliding thrust ball bearing for a main axis. The ball bearing is made from a hardened ceramic/steel composite and lateral stability is achieved by using a very durable and low-noise polymer sliding bearing. A symmetrical drive system is designed to avoid radial bearing load and therefore minimising possible mechanical noise and ensuring the longevity of the master bearing. This system is leagues ahead of comparable turntables and results in an ultra-stable soundstage and grounded sonic palette.

To prevent unwanted mechanical resonance, traction rollers (be it friction or belt) of different diameters are used, spinning at different velocities and having mathematically non-multiple diameters to the platter diameter. Platter velocity is controlled by a quartz-based phase locked loop (PLL) system, so the average speed deviation depends solely on the parameters of the quartz crystal system, which is extremely accurate. The turntable drive mechanism is equipped with both mechanical and electronic protection systems. It also features an electronic inclinometer (an electronic level dedicated to measure turntable slope/tilt angle), which allows the user to achieve perfect horizontal alignment without using additional tools.

The Reed 3C can also be equipped with one or two tonearms with effective length ranging from 9.5” to 12”.

All of this technological innovation suggests that this is the thinking person’s turntable – that the allure and pleasure of ownership is all about the technology…. but nothing could be further from the truth. The high-end audio world is no stranger to innovation. That’s what sets aside these boutique low volume companies from the mass-produced offerings in the market. But we have often witnessed that new technology does not always result in a better sound. Sometimes more tech-advancement does not lead to more enjoyment.

This is what makes the Reed 3C so special. Perhaps the reason is that the designer Vidmantas Triukas is such a devotee & appreciator of the arts? Maybe, but whatever the reason, the Reed 3C applies all of that innovation to serve the musical cause, to transform the micro grooves in a vinyl record into free-flowing music. This turntable is all about releasing the potential of that information, turning it into a musical performance that connects with your heart. It’s about giving the artist life energy, vitality and believability. It’s about re-creating a musical event in front of you and allowing you to surrender to the moment. Sonically delicious!

Reed Muse 3C Seashell White



Chameleon Audio Greece Turntable Reed 3C

Reed Muse 3C

Reed Muse 3C turntable – switching drive type

Product Specification

Model Reed Muse 3C
Colour Options White, Black, Custom Colours
Drive Friction. Two direct current (DC) motors
Speed 33.3rpm, 45rpm
Speed stabilising system Quartz-based phase locked loop (PLL)
Max deviation of average speed ± 0.05%
Supply voltage DC 12V, via 100 – 240V AC adapter
Inclinometer accuracy range 1mm per meter
Product dimensions 550mm (L) x 420mm (W) x 240mm (H)
Packaging dimensions 650mm (L) x 520mm (W) x 350mm (H)
Weight (unpacked) 25 kg
Weight (packed) 29 kg
Tonearms Facility for two tonearms, any standard mount; effective length from 9,5” to 12”