Reed Muse 1C

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The Reed Muse 1C is a traditionally designed high-performance turntable which represents Reed’s commitment to quality and showcases their passion for innovation.

Crafted with traditional 1970’s design elements in mind, the Reed Muse 1C features a robust, stable and resonance-free wooden body. However, many of the technologies used in the Muse 1C, including main bearing and drive traction control are inherited from their flagship Muse 3C. This makes the Muse 1C a high-performance bargain as you will be hard pressed to find any turntable at this pricing level with this level of technology.

A handy feature of the Muse 1C as that aside from the common 33 and 45 RPM records, it can also play 16 RPM or 78 RPM LPs. For your convenience, the 78 RPM speed can be manually adjusted in a range of 70-85 RPM. This level of adjustability ensures that this turntable will cover all possibilities.

The Muse 1C is available in a double belt drive version or a rim-drive (friction) version which gives you the choice as to how you want your sound. It also features an in-built electronic inclinometer that measures the turntable slope/tilt angle) and allows the user to achieve a perfect horizontal alignment without using additional tools. It can also be fitted with one center or off-center mount tonearm with effective length ranging from 9.5 to 12 inches.

This is a very well thought out design with the sonics that have seen it replace far more costly turntables in audiophile systems around the world. Made by a master craftsman with decades of experience and backed by a solid foundation of scientific research, the Reed 1C is a giant killer. It will reveal to you the essence of the musical message and leave you feeling that you have never quite heard your record collection sound so coherent and alive. Astonishing value!



Reed Muse 1C plus Reed 5T

Reed Muse 1C Turntable – Reed 5T Tangential Tracking Tonearm – Top Plattenspieler Gramofono

Reed Muse 1C +Reed 3Q+ Shelter 901 Mkii

Product Specification

Model Reed Muse 1C
Colour Options Moonlit Black, Karelian birch
Drive Double Belt or Rim (friction) drive – Two direct current (DC) motors
Speed 6, 33.3, 45, 78 rpm; 78 rpm can be manually adjusted
Speed stabilising system Quartz-based phase locked loop (PLL)
Max deviation of average speed ± 0.05%
Supply voltage DC 10-14V, via 100 – 240V AC adapter or Reed Source 12V
Inclinometer accuracy range 1mm per meter
Packaging dimensions 650mm (L) x 520mm (W) x 350mm (H)
Weight (unpacked) 15 kg
Weight (packed) 20 kg
Tonearms Single, center or off-center mount; effective length from 9.5 to 12 inch