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The Reed 2B is a recent offering in the Reed range, making its debut at the Munich High End Show in 2023. The design is a new approach with some ingenious features and has had an immediate impact, offering users some new possibilities:

  1.  Allows the use of heavier cartridges – up to 35 grams. This is facilitated by the incorporation of low-friction (less noise) ceramic bearings.
  2. The 2B comes fully assembled. You just need to mount the tonearm and adjust settings like VTA, VTF, azimuth and anti-skating.
  3. It has a replaceable armwand option.
  4. The anti-skating force can easily be changed independently at the beginning and end of the record. This feature is practical for all newer cartridges’ users, exceptionally because of a variety of the new cartridge’s stylus’ shapes causing different friction forces between the stylus and record groove. This feature is operated by two handles. One handle is used to set anti-skating at the beginning of the record and the second handle at the end of the record. Once they are set, the anti-skating force is applied to the tonearm automatically according to the handles’ setting. The anti-skating force and VTA both can be adjusted while playing the record.

Some theory
As we already know, when a stylus rides in a groove, the friction force provides a forward force which is tangential to the record groove. (Fig.1. Anti-skating)
F = μN μ – coefficient of friction, N – stylus force (VTF).

Reed 2B Antiskating Diagram

Whereas the direction of this force F is displaced 90°+ α from the line between the pivot and the stylus O2-A, this force provides a clockwise moment M around the pivots O2 (Fig.1. Anti-skating), which tends to drag the stylus towards the spindle O1.

In case to avoid the force imbalance while the stylus bears against the inner groove wall, moment M should be eliminated completely at any position on the record. This moment can be expressed by the following equation:

Reed 2B Antiskating Equation

While the F, L and D are constant factors, and R varies accordingly to the stylus’ position, moment M can be expressed as a function of R (Fig.2 Theoretical). Practically an experiment was executed to determine skating force at different points of a record. Instruments used for this test were: fully matte and smooth test vinyl and tonearm Reed 3P with a “Phasemation PP-2000MC” cartridge that was subjected to 1.9 grams vertical tracking force during testing (Fig 3. Practical). Differences in skating force are clearly noticeable at the beginning, middle and end of the record.

Reed 2B Antiskating Theoretical Practical

Theoretically, it is known that moment M can be eliminated by providing equal compensation in the opposite direction (-M). (Fig.1.). In most cases, M is applied as a constant force, therefore the side thrust is completely eliminated only at a few positions on the record. To conclude, a tonearm with adjustable anti-skating force depending on the position on the record (diameter) is highly demanded.

This is yet another high-performance tonearm exhibiting incredible elegant intelligence in its design and functionality. However, tonearms are not judged simply by the maths and engineering – they are judged by their sound, and in this respect the 2B excels and has quickly become a favourite among the audiophile communities around the world. This is Reed at their best, showing how great ideas and iconic build quality serve art.

Range & Pricing

The Reed 2B is available in a standard configuration of a 9.5” Wenge armwand (effective length), Seashell White finish and w125cm Finewire C37+Cryo wiring with KLEI plugs. However, please note that other armwand lengths and materials, finishes, wiring and plug configurations are available to suit your application and desired performance level. Please contact Nirvana Sound to discuss your requirements and to learn about the available options.

Finish Options

The pictures below are for the purposes of showing the finish options and the tonearm model may differ from the model described above.

Reed Seashell WhiteSeashell White
Reed BlackBlack
Armwand Options
Reed Macassar EbonyMacassar Ebony
Read Teak LightTeak Light
Reed Teak DarkTeak Dark