Reed 1H

Cardanic Bearing Type Carbon Fibre Tonearm

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The Reed 1H is the first offering in the Reed tonearm range and is the result of significant research and modelling. The objective of the design is to achieve exceptional performance at the lowest possible cost and therefore provide an opportunity for music enthusiasts to have greater access to this level of technology.

The Reed 1H signifies the first time that carbon fiber has been selected as the primary armwand material for a Reed tonearm. After thorough research, Reed found a way to make the carbon fiber armwand’s acoustic properties close to ones that normally are typical for the wood designs. By using soft wood to dampen the carbon fiber tube, the new armwand’s acoustic properties have considerably improved from those of using carbon fiber alone.

The differences in acoustic properties of damped and undamped carbon fiber wands are shown in Figures 1 and 2.

Damped carbon fiber armwand performance
Figure 1. Damped carbon fiber armwand performance

Non-damped carbon fiber armwand performance
Figure 2. Non-damped carbon fiber armwand performance

The Reed 1H has a cardanic bearing system. This incorporates a vertical axis with thrust rotation bearings and a horizontal axis using thrust pivot bearings (same concept as in the Reed 3P). This bearing construction eliminates the common unwanted wobbling of a bearing during playback, which has a great impact on the quality of the sound.

The antiskating system is magnetic, similar to the system used in the Reed 3P. The tonearm signal output wiring incorporates either a 5-pin DIN connector or a range of Finewire 37 cables.

Among other features, the Reed 1H tonearm has azimuth adjustment, a replaceable headshell and VTA adjustment. The tonearm height adjustment range is from 28mm to 48 mm. It is also easily tuned and can be mounted on most turntables out of the box or using an adapter.

The Reed 1H is such an accomplished tonearm in terms of its design, engineering and build quality that the sonic performance is simply stunning for its price range. It may be the first tonearm in the Reed range but it is considered to be a destination tonearm by many audiophiles. If you are looking for the most technology and performance that can be packed into a tonearm at a more accessible price range, your search has ended with the Reed 1H.

Range & Pricing

The Reed 1H is available in a standard configuration of a 9.5” carbon fiber armwand (effective length), either a Seashell White or Black finish and 125cm Finewire C37+Cryo wiring with KLEI plugs. However, please note that greater armwand lengths and many other wiring and plug configurations are available to suit your application and desired performance level. Please contact Nirvana Sound to discuss your requirements and to learn about the available options.

Finish Options

The pictures below are for the purposes of showing the finish options and the tonearm model may differ from the model described above.

Reed Seashell WhiteSeashell White
Reed BlackBlack

Armwand Options

Carbon Fibre
Carbon Fibre

Product Specification

Model Reed 1H
Bearing Cardanic
Armwand Options Carbon Fibre
Finish Options Seashell White, Black
Antiskate Magnetic system
Adjustments Azimuth, VTA
Other Features Replaceable Headshell
9.5” Effective Length Effective mass: 12g
Mounting distance: 223mm
Pivot to spindle distance: 223mm
Overhang distance: 17mm
Offset angle: 22.9 degrees
10.5” Effective Length Effective mass: 15g
Mounting distance: 251.6mm
Pivot to spindle distance: 251.6mm
Overhang distance: 15.4mm
Offset angle: 20.7 degrees
12” Effective Length Effective mass: 18g
Mounting distance: 295.6mm
Pivot to spindle distance: 295.6mm
Overhang distance: 13.4mm
Offset angle: 17.6 degrees