Norma PA-150

Norma PA-150


REVO 150W Stereo Power Amplifier

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The features of Norma REVO PA-150 make it an extremely versatile power amplifier. Its high power of 150W/8Ohm give it the ability to drive the most demanding speakers and its high quality sonic characteristics make it unique in the world of high-end audio. Power, dynamics, speed and transparency combine, resulting in a total lack of listening fatigue and an outstanding musicality. These features make it a perfect match with the Norma REVO SC-2 preamplifier which expresses the same sonic palette and free flowing sophistication.

The Norma REVO PA-150 can also be a perfect partner for other preamplifiers. For example, matched with the best tube preamps, the REVO PA-150 can drive the speakers without introducing any harshness in the sound or listening fatigue often present in solid state amplifiers, allowing the true nature of the preamplifier to be experienced.

The internal workmanship is extraordinary and highlights a technical refinement that follows the same philosophy. The REVO PA-150 uses proprietary circuitry, a regulated high-speed power supply, low noise architecture and is built with a careful selection of the best available materials. Norma audio pieces possess a sophistication of sound that is extraordinary at any price, embodying the designer Enrico Rossi’s technical talent and somehow infusing the culture and musical tradition of Cremona.


  • Extreme low noise, high speed schematic topology and wide band ( >2 MHz ).
  • Separate power supply for Gain, Driver and Output stages.
  • High speed and low noise regulated power supply for gain and driver stage.
  • High current MOS-FET power device (200 A output peak current).
  • 16 power devices for a total rated 2,000W power handling capability.
  • High filtering capacity (70.000 uF) with numerous (24) low impedance capacitors.
  • Toroidal power transformers specially designed for audio applications, low flow dispersion, low mechanical noise, high permeability magnetic core with consequent low output impedance, 2 x 400 VA.
  • Full aluminium non-magnetic frame.
  • Inputs configurable RCA (unbalanced) & XLR (balanced)
  • Inputs selection by relay with GOLD/PALLADIUM contacts.
  • RCA solid core gold plated plug connector for any signal connections.
  • DC Protection for sensitive speakers.

Note: Specification subject to change without notice.


Product Specification

Item Stereo Power Amplifier (Single Chassis)
Inputs 1 RCA, 1 XLR Balanced
Input Impedance 47 Kohm (non-selected input) / 33 Kohm (selected input)
Outputs 1 binding post pair, accept 4mm banana plugs and forks
Frequency Response 0 Hz – 2.0 MHz (-3dB, non-filtered)
Output Power 150W RMS / 8Ohm – 280W RMS / 4 Ohm (per channel)
Gain / Sensitivity 28.5 dB, 1.30V RMS / 150 W – 8 Ohm
Configuration Solid State, Dual Mono
Power devices MOSFET, 4 couple each channel
Output Current 48A continuous, 200A peak (each channel)
Filter Capacity 72.000 Uf, 12 capacity for each channel
Transformer 2 x Toroidal Special Audio Use, 400 VA per channel
Supply 230 VAC / 50 Hz (100V AC or 115 VAC / 50-60Hz in some countries)
Dimensions (H) 110mm x (W) 430mm x (D) 365mm (excluding feet, knob and rear jacks)
Weight 25 Kg
Finishes Silver, Black

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