Larsen 9

AUD $20,800.00

9 Series Ortho-Acoustic Floor Standing Loudspeaker

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For many years, the Larsen 8 speakers were the pinnacle of ortho-acoustic design and once experienced by music lovers, audio enthusiasts and audiophiles around the world, justifiably developed a reputation as one of the most engaging and musically satisfying speakers available at any price.

After the world reacted so positively to the 8’s, Larsen’s engineering team continued to do research in the application of Stig Carlsson´s ortho acoustic principles to loudspeaker design, believing that a culture of continual improvement will one day result in an even more ground-breaking design. That day has arrived with the introduction of the new flagship in the range, the Larsen 9.

Improvements were made in many aspects including materials, drive units and cabinet geometry. The unique positioning and angle of the drivers, flanked by absorbers, creates a rich and deep three-dimensional sound stage, with far more detail and better ambience than the existing Larsen models. The stainless steel plate surrounding the tweeter is the same design as the Larsen 8. The two bass drivers working together under 300 Hz, create a deep, fast and precise bass extension with very low distortion all the way down to 22Hz! When was the last time you experienced bass as low as 22Hz without the presence of a rather powerful subwoofer? Coupled with a fast, clean, low-distortion mid-range and an ultra-transparent high frequencies, the Larsen 9 achieves an outstanding sonic dispersion, realism and musical fluidity.

Taking the critically acclaimed and ingenious designs from the Larsen 8 to its fullest potential, the Larsen 9 features curved wood sides and frame, wooden slots for ports, and top-of-the-line Illuminator drivers from Scan-Speak and highest quality Danish crossover components from Jensen. The result is full range speaker with lower distortion, higher resolution and improved dynamics and a huge visceral soundstage. The stylish Larsen 9, like all Larsen speakers, is designed to be placed against the wall and work with the room, not against it, with a very wide listening sweet spot and high WAF.

The Larsen 9 ticks all the boxes and is now regarded as one of the ultimate ‘real world’ speakers. Available now!


John Larsen talks about his unique HiFi Speakers @ Bristol Show 2018



Product Specifications

Type 2.5-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker
Drive Technology 3 x 25mm (1”) Scan-Speak Illuminator Tweeters
1 x 174mm (7”) Scan-Speak Illuminator Mid-range Drive Unit
1 x 197mm (7.75”) Scan-Speak Illuminator Bass Drive Unit
Enclosure Technology Triangular bass reflex
Crossover Crossover built with large, air-wound copper coils, Jensen capacitors, and non-magnetic connectors. Bottom driver low-pass-limited at 300Hz, crossover to main tweeter at 2.5kHz, vertical tweeters high-pass-filtered at 5kHz.
Measurements Power: 200W per channel
Impedance: 4Ω nominal
Sensitivity: 88dB at 1 metre on-axis, 2.83V input
Frequency response: 22Hz – 20kHz
Dimensions Height: 930mm (36.6″)
Width: 300mm (11.8”)
Depth: 378mm (15”)
Weight 25kg (55 lbs) per speaker (channel)
Finishes Walnut, Maple, Ebony, White Lacquer, Black Lacquer

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