Kondo (Audio Note Japan) IO-M

AUD $14,800.00

Stereo MC Phono Cartridge

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The name Kondo needs no introduction. One of the most instantly recognisable audiophile brands, Kondo evokes notions of quality & ‘sonic grandeur’. The IO-M is the only cartridge made by the company, so one could be forgiven for setting high expectations.

The moving coil design incorporates an aluminium body, with an extra thick yoke to reduce magnetic resistance. The magnetic circuit and the resonance mitigation features incorporate unique technologies all designed to achieve ultimate performance. The use of aged pure silver in the design results in a supremely natural sound with dynamic power and outstanding transient responses. The IO-M seems to ‘release’ the music with an unnerving effortlessness, naturalness and finesse. Many users express that it is their reference for voices as its communication of nuance & inner detail is a major highlight.

The Kondo IO-M features in many ‘ultimate’ collections and that it has been relatively unchanged since its introduction over ten years ago. It has become a modern classic, highly desirable and potently capable. The IO-M is like an aged Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon …class, finesse and leaves you wanting to relish every moment.


  • Newly designed magnetic circuit empowering the maximum performance of the Alnico magnet mechanism.
  • Special structure cantilever made from super hard aluminium alloy. Aluminium cartridge body is made by machine milling.
  • Internal coil, output pins & lead wires are made of pure silver to guarantee perfect signal handling.


Product Specification

Cartridge Type Moving Coil
Body Aluminium
Output Level 0.12mV (1kHz, 5cm/sec)
Channel Balance Lower than 1dB(1kHz)
Channel Separation Over 25dB(1kHz)
Internal Impedance
Compliance 6.0×10-6cm/Dyne
Cantilever Super Hard Aluminium
Stylus Pressure 1.5~1.8g
Weight 11g