Koetsu Urushi Gold (Wajima)

AUD $10,200.00

Stereo MC Phono Cartridge

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Urushi is the sap of the Urushi or lacquer tree that is native to Japan, China, and Korea. The sap of this tree contains a resin that polymerizes and becomes a very hard, durable, plastic-like substance when it is exposed to moisture and air. The Japanese art of Urushi is a tradition dating back thousands of years. This natural lacquer is applied to the cartridge body and once the lacquer cures, it hardens around the natural rosewood body, changing its resonant frequency.

The Urushi Gold (Wajima) is an 9g stereo moving coil cartridge with a natural Rosewood body, silver plated copper coil wiring, a Samarium Cobalt magnet and Boron cantilever. All Koetsu Urushi models use silver cladded ultra-high purity copper coils. This process involves a silver sheath being slowly drawn over the copper. The gold Urushi lacquer may have a stiffening effect on the cartridge body as it has a more focused, precise sound than the Urushi Black with a slightly deeper soundstage.

Product Specification

Body Natural Rosewood with Urushi clear lacquer
Type Moving Coil
Coil Wiring Silver plated high purity copper
Magnet Samarium Cobalt
Cantilever Boron
Output Voltage 0.4 mV
Frequency Range 20Hz to 100kHz
Channel Separation 25db / 1kHz
Inner Impedance 5 Ohm
Channel Balance 0.5db / 1kHz
Recommended Impedance 30 Ohm
Weight 9.0g
Recommended Tracking Force 1.8 – 2.0g
Compliance 5 X 10-6cm / dyne at 100Hz
Recommended Load 80-1,000 ohms