Graham Engineering Phantom Elite

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Uni-Pivot Type Statement Tonearm

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When conversations turn to ultimate performance tonearms, the Graham Phantom Elite is front and centre. Considered to be the ultimate expression of the uni-pivot design, the Phantom Elite comes in 9, 10 and 12 inch versions. It has been developed and refined over many years, with Bob Graham considering every detail and ensuring that it is the best that it can be. Sonically, the Phantom Elite is regarded as neutral & musically transparent, delivering a dynamic, accurate, detailed and yet smooth presentation.

Featuring as the statement tonearm in many cost-no-object systems, the Graham Phantom Elite is a worthwhile investment if the closest connection to the music is the prime intention. Captivating… mesmerising.


  • Redesigned uni-pivot bearing assembly
  • Tungsten insert for high energy absorption
  • Patented Magneglide™ stabilising system
  • No azimuth deviation
  • Removable arm tube made of titanium
  • Decoupled counterweight – no modulation
  • New litz-based internal wiring

Product Specifications

Type Uni-pivot
Effective Length 235 mm (9″)
246.8 mm (10″)
308.8 mm (12″)
Distance Spindle to Pivot 217.4 mm (9″)
230.1 mm (10″)
295.6 mm (12″)
Overhang 17.6 mm (9″)
16.7 mm (10″)
13.2 mm (12″)
Arm Base Mount SME (standard)
Cartridge Weight 5-18 g
Output Terminal DIN 5 pin
Tonearm Weight 1300 g