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Reference DAC with USB

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Digital audio technology and the way we use it is evolving rapidly. For example, it was only a matter of a few short years ago that digital data was the sole domain of transports. Today, we stream our digital music from many diverse sources such as PCs, music servers, satellite receivers, mixing boards portable players, etc. Which is why EMM Labs has created one very simple, very convenient way to get state-of-the-art sound from all of them.

EMM Labs have updated the award winning DAC2X to a Version 2 by using the technology in their reference DA2. The DAC2X V2 features the latest generation MDAT2™ up-converting DSP, MFAST™ jitter removal system, MCLK™ master clock and Ed Meitner’s revised hand built DSD512/8xDSD proprietary discrete dual differential D-to-A converters, which are at the heart of the incredible sound quality delivered by this DAC.

The DAC2X V2 features a multitude of inputs allowing a host of connectivity options and support for up to 24bit,192kHz and DSD (via DoP) on all PCM inputs including USB. It also supports up to DSD128/2xDSD and DXD (352 and 384kHz) streaming over USB Audio. The Updated Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT2™) upsamples digital audio to DSD512/8xDSD. Eight times that of standard SACD sampling rate.

Most converters utilize PLL (Phase Lock Loop) circuits. MFAST™ has two distinct advantages. It’s a high-speed asynchronous system that acquires any data stream almost instantaneously. Moreover, unlike PLLs which merely attenuate jitter, MFAST™ strips jitter out of the audio stream completely, enabling you to enjoy pristine sonic clarity whether the incoming data stream is pure or impure.

The DAC2X V2 features proprietary hardware galvanic isolation for the USB Audio interface which results in higher clarity and a completely silent sonic background. When your objective is to produce state of the art playback quality, you cannot accept the inherent non-linearities exhibited by literally every mass-market chip created to date. For this reason, EMM Labs have created their proprietary DSD512/8xDSD Discrete Dual Differential D-to-A Converters.

If you were to audition the Meitner MA-1 V2, like most people you would probably think that ‘it doesn’t get any better than this’. So why would anyone in their right mind want anything more? We feel that there’s a lot of logic in this approach however no matter how good the sounds is, Ed Meitner and his team just keep working at making it better and once you hear the sound of a DAC2X V2, well……you just can’t get it out of your mind. There is a naturalness, a realism, a liquidity and ease to the sound that simultaneously relaxes and enthrals you. This is one of those audiophile pieces that reminds you why you got into this hobby in the first place. It transports you away from the impression that you are listening to a music system. Press play, close your eyes….see you later…..


    • Latest generation MFAST™ technology for instant signal acquisition, jitter-free performance.
    • Latest generation DSD512/8xDSD Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT2™) signal processing technology.
    • Latest generation DSD512/8xDSD proprietary discrete dual differential D-to-A converters.
    • Exclusive aerospace-grade composite laminate circuit boards.
    • EMM Optilink proprietary interface for connection to matching TSDX CD/SACD Transport.
    • Precision-machined aluminium chassis.
    • Precision-machined aluminium infrared remote control.
    • Polarity inversion performed in the digital domain.
    • 24bit,192kHz and DSD support on all PCM inputs including USB.
    • DSD, DSD128/2xDSD and DXD (352 and 384kHz) streaming over USB (DoP specification).
    • Galvanically isolated USB audio interface.
    • USB port for future software upgrades.
    • Serial port for wired remote control.


Product Specifications

Item Stereo DAC
Digital Inputs EMM Optilink (CD/SACD)
Supports up to 24bit, 192kHz and DSD (via DoP) on all PCM inputs: AES/EBU, USB Audio, 2x SPDIF Coax, 2x S/PDIF Toslink
USB Audio also supports streaming DSD, 2xDSD, DXD (352 and 384kHz)
Stereo Analog Outputs Balanced (XLR), Unbalanced (RCA)
Output Voltage XLR outputs: 4.6V (+15.45dBu)
RCA outputs: 2.3V (+9.45dBu)
Output Impedance 300 ohms balanced (XLR)
150 ohms unbalanced (RCA)
Power Supply Power factor corrected
Factory set to 100V or 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max. 25W
Approvals CE
Country of Manufacture Canada
Dimensions 435mm (W) x 400mm (D) x 92mm (H)
Weight 12kg

The manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without notice.