darTZeel CTH-8550 MkII

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Integrated Amplifier

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Traditional thinking suggests that when looking to go all out in a quest for ultimate sound quality, the only choice is to stay with a separate preamplifier and power amplifier(s). However in recent years, darTZeel has turned that thinking on its head with the release of the CTH-8550 MkII integrated amplifier.

This is a no compromise, dual-mono design, including separate channel windings from both toroidal transformers. With its 50-ohm Zeel inputs, optional high-quality phono stages, all sources including turntables are accommodated. The darTZeel CTH-8550 is equipped with a plasma control panel, offering excellent contrast when viewed from any angle. A range of menus allows you to individually configure all settings for each input source.

The quality and design of the volume control is paramount to the sonic performance of an integrated amplifier and in the case of the CHT-8550 MkII, that is handled by an optical encoder notched magnetically, for unrivalled touch and precision.

However, as much as we invite you to peruse the specifications and technology, this amplifier is all about digging out the emotional expression in music. This is where the darTZeel sound separates itself from virtually all other brands, with a musicality, liquidity and flow that is a benchmark for integrated amplifiers around the world. Keep listening, and you will also hear immense detail & resolution, slam, grip and natural tonality. Unbelievable.

The creator of darTZeel instruments Hervé Delétraz infuses his sense of humour into his creations. The volume control is labelled the ‘Pleasure Control’ and in our experience, it sure is! This amplifier has an uncanny sense of communicating the heart of the musical message and ultimately, that is why music lovers and audiophiles pursue the hobby of music reproduction.

It is beyond a simple ‘recommendation’, we say that if you want the ultimate integrated amplifier experience, you simply MUST audition this beauty. Enjoyment guaranteed.



darTZeel CTH-8550 MkII - Integrated Amplifier

Product Specification

Type Integrated amplifier
Nominal Output Power 200 watts RMS (230 watts peak) @ 8 ohms
330 watts RMS (360 watts peak) @ 4 ohms
400 watts RMS (500 watts peak) @ 2 ohms (software limited)
Line Gain 0 dB nominal, up to + 12 dB (+22 dB custom)
Power Stage Gain 26 dB @ 8 ohms
Analog Input Impedances 1 x Zeel BNC 50 ohms
1 x RCA line > 30 kohms
1 x XLR > 30 kohmsOptional Phonos:
Phono MM = 47 kohms. Neumann RIAA 4th pole included
Phono MC = 1 kohms. Neumann RIAA 4th pole included
Line Output Impedances RCA = 75 ohms, darT BNC = 50 ohms
Speaker Output Impedance < 0.33 ohms from 20 Hz to 20 kHz (measured under 8 ohms)
Frequency Response 2 Hz – 200 kHz, +0, -3 dB
Rise Time < 0.8 µs
Slew Rate > 88 V/µs, peak-peak
DC Output Voltage < ± 15 mV max
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 1 % from 7 Hz to 77 kHz within the output dynamic range
Temporal Distortion None, at any level and load, as specified above
Crosstalk < – 90 dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
Signal to noise ratio > 115 dB (A) @ nominal power
Power consumption 3 watts Standby, 40 watts @ idle, 1,000 watts @ maximum output power
Dimensions in mm 440 (W) x 350 (D) x 170 (H)
Total depth with handles: 415mm
Dimensions in inches 17.32 (W) x 13.78 (D) x 6.7 (H)
Total depth with handles: 16.4 inches.
Net weight 28kg (61.7lbs)