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2-Way Monitor Stand Mount Speaker

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The BØRRESEN Z1 speaker offers the amazing suite of BØRRESEN technologies & design features in a very compact size and minimum footprint. This 2-way stand-mounted monitor speaker can create a three-dimensional soundstage that reveals even the most subtle musical details. Having developed a reputation for being very transparent to the source, this high-resolution communicator has a wonderful way with music, often being described as having an ‘authentic’ sound by audiophiles. Considering the sound quality on offer here, the Z1 represents modern know-how and amazing value.

The principle that guided the development of the Z-series loudspeakers was to provide an uncompromising high-end audio performance with more conventional components than the 0-series. The technology behind the Z1 series consists of electronic components that are either adopted from the 0-series, completely redesigned, or are innovative spin offs resulting from BØRRESEN Acoustics’ extensive audio research activities.

The Tweeter

The closed ribbon tweeter is an entirely new technical development. Elaborate finite element methods have been applied to linearise and optimise the magnetic flux field, to facilitate driver movement and to ensure high efficiency and outstanding linearity. The efficiency of this BØRRESEN planar ribbon tweeter amounts to an exceptional 94dB and operates from approximately 2.5 kHz upwards. The moving mass is extremely low at 0.01 grams. The totally concealed tweeter has the capacity to operate at an incredible speed, which is an absolute prerequisite to unlocking the most subtle and refined sound details of any kind of music. The enormous robustness of this tweeter allows it to handle extremely high transient peaks without any ear fatiguing breakups. No transformers are being used.

Borresen tweeter

The Membrane

The BØRRESEN membrane consists of a composite of two layers of very thin carbon on both sides of a 4 mm Nomex honeycomb core. This composite structure (similar to the one used in Formula 1 racing cars) provides the ultimate combination of stiffness to weight ratio. The exceptionally low weight of only 5.5 grams allows a very high acceleration factor in the driver, resulting in both outstanding resolution and higher efficiency.

Borresen Z membrane

The Bass/Midrange Magnet System

The magnet system in the Z-series is a brand new construction. With the invention of the patented iron-free driver system in the 0-series, BØRRESEN Acoustics came to realise that it is possible to reduce induction to an amazing 0.04mH, which is approximately 10 times lower than that of common driver systems. The challenge for manufacturing the new Z-series was now to design a new, but less costly driver system with significantly reduced induction. As a result, BØRRESEN Acoustics developed a driver with an 8mm voice coil and an induction of only 0.06mH. By linearising the magnetic field, the driver is less affected by the actual movement and is more easily controlled by the amplifier.

Borresen Z unit

The Crossover

The Z-series is fitted with a parallel crossover configuration using the same exclusive components from the 0-series. This ensures a very mechanically stable crossover, which minimises its own resonance.

Borresen Z crossover

Feet / Prepared for Ansuz Darkz Resonance Control

The adjustable feet of the ground cross plate are designed to be placed on Darkz resonance control separated by 3 titanium balls. Ansuz Darkz have been designed to ensure a distinctly better mechanical grounding to the floor.

Borresen Z feet

Versions and Pricing

The Z1 comes in two versions – Standard and Cryo.
The standard version is AUD 15,990 and the Cryo version is AUD 19,250.

Borresen Cryogenic
The Cryogenic treatment of the speakers’ metal components results in a further improvement of conductivity, unleashing finest and most subtle musical details. When metal components undergo cryogenic processing, they are subjected to extreme cooling. In the wake of this process, the crystal structure of the metal contracts more and more. Alloying elements are pushed out of the grain structure of the metal, which now becomes very similar to a monocrystal. These structural changes in the metal have a profound effect on its audio properties, resulting in an increase of conductivity. The result is literally opening up a new dimension of musical performance – a sound that is crystal clear, truly natural and extremely refined.



BØRRESEN Z1 + Aavik I280 + + Aavik S280 + Ansuz Switch + Ansuz Mainz8 A2: Balthazar – Fever


Product Specification

Type 2-Way Stand Mount Monitor Speaker
Frequency Response 50Hz-50KHz
Sensitivity 86 dB/1W
Impedance >6 Ohms
Recommended Amplifier >50W
Drivers 1 x BØRRESEN planar ribbon tweeter
1 x BØRRESEN bass/midrange driver – 4.5 inches
Finishes Black or white satin painted
Warranty 5 years (Conditions apply, contact Nirvana Sound)
Dimensions & Weight Z1 speaker + Stand
H: 101.5 x W: 28.0 x D: 36.0 cm
H: 39.8 x W: 11.0 x D: 14.2 inches
14.9 kg / 39.68 lbsZ1 speaker
H: 37.0 x W: 18.5 x D: 33.8 cm
H: 14.6 x W: 7.1 x D: 14.6 inches
11.6 kg / 25.35 lbsStand
H: 64.5 x W: 28.0 x D: 34.0 cm
H: 25.2 x W: 11.0 x D: 13.4 inches
3.3 kg / 14.33 lbs