Aspire Audio Belgravia 4

4 Shelf Audiophile Isolation Rack

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If you are determined to achieve the most accurate, natural, life-like and enjoyable sound from your hi-fi system, at some point in your audio journey you will discover that what you place your component on directly influences the sound of the component. For example, an amplifier sounds different when it’s placed on a glass shelf compared to a wooden shelf or granite shelf. This is because every component produces various vibrational energies known as resonance and these energies interact with the material of the shelf. Resonances are also present within the stand, the shelf and in the environment around your system. All of these resonances interact at different frequencies and come back into your component which affects the ability of your component to sound it’s best. The difference in sound quality achieved by placing your system components on properly isolated shelves and racks can be extraordinary.

The Aspire Audio Belgravia 4 provides a solid foundation for four components with excellent resonance mitigation properties. It is composed of a carefully selected kiln dried FSR certified solid timber shelf and solid metal feet utilising a scientifically proven resonance elimination technology. Nothing hollow, no particle board – everything is solid, heavy and rigid. To manufacture the isolation mechanisms used by Aspire Audio, the level of precision engineering and manufacture is so demanding that only a select few artisans are capable of achieving this level of quality.

Before you consider upgrading your amplifier, DAC or streamer, perhaps consider making a one-time investment in quality component isolation. You may find that the improvements in resolution, clarity, detail and dynamics may be greater than your proposed component upgrade!

Configuration Options

To suit a variety of equipment sizes, Aspire Audio offer the following spacing between the shelves: 125mm | 200mm | 250mm
Aside from the base shelf, all the other shelves can be ordered with whichever spacing suits your requirements.

Timber Choices

Aspire Audio shelves come in a standard size of 620mm wide by 520mm deep and are finished with Osmo® Polyx Oil*
The timber options are:

Aspire Audio 'Black-Ash' Timber FinishAspire Audio Basic 'Ash' Timber FinishAspire Audio 'Cherry' Timber Finish
Aspire Audio 'Jarah' Timber FinishAspire Audio 'Oak' Timber FinishAspire Audio Brown 'Walnut' Timber Finish


All Aspire Hi-Fi Stand solid metal components are electroplated for a flawless finish. The metalwork options are:

Aspire Audio Bright Chrome FinishAspire Audio Black Satin Finish

Custom Racks

Aspire Audio can manufacture custom racks to suit every requirement. This includes custom requirements for shelf dimensions & spacings, timber options or paint finishes and metalwork options. Please contact Nirvana Sound to design your perfect rack.