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Michael Børresen and the Ansuz development team have continued to identify and eliminate the negative impact that cables impart on the signal. The first priority was to focus on inductance and capacitance within the cables and these were reduced to unprecedented low levels with DIHC (Double Inverted Helix Coil Technology). With the Digitalz C2, Ansuz have introduced AARC (Anti Arial Resonance Coil Technology), which removes the cable’s tendencies to resonate and receive signals/noise from the surroundings. The Digitalz range have been engineered to optimise the performance of high-quality digital sources.

The reason that all the Ansuz cables sound so uniform is that from the entry-level X2 right through to the top of the range D-TC Supreme, all of the cables have the same basic conductors – a shielded twisted 1mm² solid core copper, silver plated conductor in a double teflon isolation system. They also all share the same plugs and housings. As you move up the range, more technologies are added which give higher performance capabilities.

The C2 performs at a rarified level. Jet black background, silence between the notes, all of the music expressed with the energy, intention and sensation of the live performance. Feel the magic!

Ansuz Digitalz C2 RCA


HiFi+ Innovation Awards 2021

Product Specification

Model Ansuz Digitalz C2
Housings Anodized Aluminium
Connectors BNC w/RCA adaptor or Hollow Pin RCA. Gold plated copper.
Ansuz Double Inverted Helix Coils 6
Ansuz Anti Aerial Resonance Coils 37cm shielded
Ansuz Active Cable Tesla Coils 0
Ansuz Charged Dielectric Technology 0
Ansuz PowerBox connection N/A
Shielding Double Shielded Tinned Copper
RCA Conductors 1.0mm² + 12 x 0.3mm² silver plated copper