Ansuz Digitalz A2

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The Ansuz Digitalz A2 is a true ‘game changer’. The performance achieved by this cable is now in the league of the upper echelon of cables but it still maintains a strong price/performance ratio. The incorporation of more Double Inverted Helix Coils further reduces electro-magnetic noise to produce an even quieter background for the music to flow. All of the A2 products are based on the unique Ansuz Direct Ground Connector Technology (DGC) and Double Inverted Helix Coil Technology (DIHC).

The reason that all the Ansuz cables sound so uniform is that from the entry-level X2 right through to the top of the range D-TC Supreme, all of the cables have the same basic conductors – a shielded twisted 1mm² solid core copper, silver plated conductor in a double teflon isolation system. They also all share the same plugs and housings. As you move up the range, more technologies are added which give higher performance capabilities. The Digitalz range is engineered to optimise the performance of high-quality digital sources.

The Dititalz A2 is often compared to some of the world’s best cost-no-object cables and it is has developed a strong following around the world because of its neutrality and transparency. It’s the sweet spot of the range and can bring audible benefits to any system. Stunning.

Ansuz Digitalz A2


HiFi+ Innovation Awards 2021

Product Specification

Model Ansuz Digitalz A2
Housings Anodized Aluminium
Connectors BNC w/RCA adaptor or Hollow Pin RCA. Gold plated copper.
Ansuz Double Inverted Helix Coils 6
Ansuz Anti Aerial Resonance Coils 0
Ansuz Active Cable Tesla Coils 0
Ansuz Charged Dielectric Technology 0
Ansuz PowerBox connection N/A
Shielding Tinned Copper
RCA Conductors 2 x 1.0mm² + 12 x 0.3mm² silver plated copper