Alsyvox Michelangelo

Alsyvox Michelangelo


5-way Dipole Speaker (6 Panels) with 6 external crossovers


Alsyvox believe that size matters in ultimate sound reproduction. The Alsyvox Michelangelo features the largest panel size and is designed to be ideal for very large sized rooms, typically larger than 80m² (800sqft) and wider than 7.5m (25ft). The unique technology and componentry are identical to the other Alsyvox models as are the beautiful contemporary aesthetics.

There are six panels in total. Each channel has three panels incorporating a 5-way design and three external crossover boxes. The first panel has a ribbon- planar woofer, a new ribbon midrange, a ribbon tweeter and a ribbon super-tweeter. The second and third panels are dedicated ribbon planar subwoofers.

This results in a total width of 2.07m (81″), a total height of 2.03m (80″) per channel and a total woofer + subwoofer surface area of more than 3 sqm (33sqft) across the two channels. Its sensitivity of 96dB makes it possible to use virtually any amplifier.

The six external crossovers are housed in heavy CNC machined billeted aluminium cases and have been designed and built with ultimate quality as a focus. They incorporate an exclusive topology (patent pending) by Omega Audio Concepts and a design architecture that provides ideal isolation of crossover components from mechanical vibrations present inside the loudspeaker. This approach allows the possibility to use bigger and better components and implement a more complex topology. The crossover networks use first-order slopes and are constructed with very high quality parts from Mundorf, Jantzen & other reference level suppliers. They also provide the possibility for small adjustability of the midrange and tweeter levels to better fit specific room acoustics. Bi-amping or multi-amping is not mandatory but possible.

All internal wiring and the relevant umbilical connections between speaker and crossover which are also made with the ‘Omega AC Nano extra’ technology. This crossover is the result of extensive research and listening sessions. There is no stone left unturned in the pursuit of excellence. Locating the crossovers away from the speaker frame results in a definitive improvement in resolution, dynamic capability, detail and tonal richness.

It is possible to upgrade from the Caravaggio Full to the Michelangelo by simply adding the additional two subwoofer panels and the relevant two external passive crossovers.

One of the surprises is that due to their efficiency and bass extension, many people are returning to the amplifiers that they most loved the sound of, rather than the sonically compromised yet powerful amplifier they had to use to drive inefficient speakers. Who would have thought that a ribbon panel speaker could be so efficient as to liberate amplification choices?

The Michelangelo is a very exclusive, made to order speaker system that has quickly developed a reputation as one of the world’s most capable transducers. There is an amazing amount of surface area that moves the air in a room, which results in a degree of palpability and energy that simply cannot be experienced by any other speaker system. Its ability to transform a listening space into a live musical event is in the upper echelon of high-end speakers in the world. Even the most subtle details in a musical performance are revealed and presented in a way which is the very definition of realism. You simply cannot imagine what that feels like unless you have experienced it. Welcome to fantasy land!

Product Specifications

Model Alsyvox Michaelangelo
Type 5-way Dipole Ribbon Loudspeaker
Number of panels 6 (3 per channel)
Crossover Type External Passive
Speaker height 2,030mm
Baffle width 690mm + 690mm + 690mm
Baffle thickness 54mm
Woofer, MD, TW and STW height 1.68m
Number of Woofers 3
Woofers width 320mm
Woofers surface 16,128cm²
Woofers max stroke 20mm
Woofers air volume 32,256cm³
Midrange width 37mm x 2
Mid Tweeter width 25mm
Super Tweeter width 5mm
Reference sensitivity 96dB
Crossover Frequencies 70Hz – 500Hz – 1,500Hz – 5,000Hz
Frequency Response 18Hz – 40,000Hz
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms
Crossover box dimensions 330 x 430 x 96 (mm) plus 40mm transparent acrylic base
Number of crossover boxes 6 (3 per channel)
Weight 150kg + 120kg + 120kg (just panels, not including external crossover)


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